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  • Let me-- [ Gasps ]

  • Let me tell you a little story, Brewster.

  • When I was seven years old,

  • my daddy caught me smokin' a cigar.

  • Locked me in the closet for three days and three nights...

  • with nothin' but a box of cigars and a book of matches.

  • No food, Brewster. No water, just those goddamned cigars.

  • Wouldn't let me out until I finished every last one.

  • Taught me one hell of a lesson.

  • I'm going to do to you what my daddy did to me.

  • I'm gonna teach you to hate spending money.

  • I'm gonna make you so sick of spending money...

  • that the mere sight of it will make you want to throw up.

  • So, here's my proposition.

  • You have 30 days in which to spend 30 million bucks.

  • If you can do it, you get 300 million.

  • - There's gotta be a catch. - Of course, there's a catch.

  • You have to spend the 30 million,

  • but after 30 days, you're not allowed to own any assets.

  • No houses, no cars, no jewelry--

  • nothin' but the shirt on your back.

  • Sounds easy, don't it ?

  • Well, you'll find out !

  • [ Gasping ] No, no, no, no.

  • You can hire anybody,

  • but you must get value for their services.

  • You can donate five percent to charity,

  • and you can gamble another five percent away,

  • but you can't give this money away.

  • And that includes buying the Hope Diamond...

  • for some bimbo as a birthday present.

  • I know what you're thinking, Brewster.

  • You'll buy yourself a dozen Picassos...

  • and use them for firewood, right ?

  • Wrong ! You must not destroy...

  • what is inherently valuable.

  • That's instant disqualification.

  • Oh, yeah. I almost forgot.

  • You're not allowed to tell anybody...

  • why you have to spend this money, Why can't I tell my friends ?

  • because I don't want anybody helpin' you out !

  • Nobody helped me out in that closet with those cigars.

  • I never had any friends.

  • Well, Brewster, what do you think ? You got the balls for it ?

  • I doubt it. That's why I put a special wimp clause in my will.

  • You can have a million dollars, right now, forget the whole thing.

  • Or you can go for the big one, Brewster--

  • The 300 million.

  • But if you fail,

  • you don't get diddly.

Let me-- [ Gasps ]


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ブリュースターのミリオン (3/13) Movie CLIP - 三十日で三千万(1985年)HD (Brewster's Millions (3/13) Movie CLIP - Thirty Million in Thirty Days (1985) HD)

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