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  • Don't worry about a thing. I'll take care of everything.

  • I know this kind of stuff. Don't mess up.

  • Just smile.

  • Thank you very much. [ Chuckles ]

  • Mr. Brewster and Mr. Nolan,

  • you're charged with assault and battery, [ Chuckles ]

  • - resisting arrest... - [ Chuckling Continues ]

  • and destruction of private property.

  • How do you plead ? Guilty or not guilty ?

  • Oh, guilty but with a real good excuse.

  • You're gonna love it, really. I think everyone here will. I-I plead innocent.

  • You see, Your Honor, What you have here...

  • with Mr. Brewster and myself, is a couple of, well, local heroes, really.

  • We play for a local team. You might have seen us-- the Hackensack Bulls ?

  • Perhaps you know the-- "Go, you Bulls, go."

  • Let's not waste the court's time.

  • I have depositions from over a dozen eyewitnesses.

  • Your Honor, we went into the bar to have a drink, and we saw this nice lady,

  • and we asked her to sit with us to have a drink,

  • I didn't know she had a fiance. Did you know ? Who knew ?

  • I didn't know. It wasn't public knowledge. I didn't know, either.

  • So you were making advances to a woman who was involved with another man.

  • You see, if you don't make calls, you don't make sales.

  • [ Laughs ] This man does not represent me, Your Honor.

  • I would remove that from the court records. I would--

  • I'm going to set your bail at $3,000.

  • [ Brewster Groans ] Not bad.

  • We don't have $3,000. We don't.

  • Bailiff, will you remove the prisoners. Next case. [ Both Stammering ]

  • Your Honor, wait. Please, before you send us to jail--

  • Look, I tried to defend myself. The man hit me first.

  • [ All Shouting ] With the permission of the court !

  • My name is J.B. Donaldo,

  • and I'm representing parties who wish to remain anonymous...

  • and who have instructed me to post bail for the defendants...

  • or pay any fines levied in case they plead guilty,

  • which I'm sure they will now do.

  • Yeah. Who is he ? It's the scout.

  • [ Laughing ] Oh, yeah. I told you they want me.

  • They want me. We're goin' to the big time ! This is it.

Don't worry about a thing. I'll take care of everything.


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ブリュースターのミリオン(2/13)ムービークリップ-ギルティ、本当の良い言い訳(1985年)HDで (Brewster's Millions (2/13) Movie CLIP - Guilty, With A Real Good Excuse (1985) HD)

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