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  • Let me tell you something about athletes.

  • I mean, after a game, we've got to relax, we gotta come down.

  • Unwind. My doctor told me. He said,

  • "Hey, Brewster. Man, get a massage. Come down."

  • We were reading in a medical journal the other day,

  • an article by an Oriental doctor on massages.

  • See, we in the West give a massage like this.

  • And, uh, see, all the energy coming from my hands...

  • is stopped by the fabric.

  • We, in the West, don't know that, and we're massagin' for nothin'.

  • So his theory, and it's just a theory,

  • is that if you're nude and you get a massage, that's the best thing for ya.

  • - Good for your muscles, nude. - We're wonderin' maybe you might like to, uh,

  • try the theory nude with us.

  • The four of us nude would be great ! Oh, that would be fun.

  • Massaging each other. Uh-huh.

  • - I think they're kind of cute. - This one's especially cute.

  • You guys got a car? No-- Got a bus !

  • - The Bulls'bus. The team bus. - Bigger than a car.

  • Oh, much bigger and more fun,

  • because he's the party-meister, himself. I'm the driver too.

  • Why don't we start in a bus ? Why don't we try the bus ?

  • Let's try the bus. Any left ? We'll show you the bus.

  • I'll try the bus-- a good place to start the evening off.

Let me tell you something about athletes.


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ブリュースターのミリオン (1/13) Movie CLIP - ヌードマッサージ (1985) HD (Brewster's Millions (1/13) Movie CLIP - Nude Massage (1985) HD)

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