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  • We've got a lovely bunch of teachers are all different

  • you see a stick as well of course has been full qualified and experienced

  • I studied English for many years in Korea,

  • but I couldn't speak a sentence

  • now I can speak English.

  • So amazing school,

  • teachers are good relationship with students

  • And I learned a lot of English.

  • The best possible experience for students in Brighton would be they go home having achieved their goal

  • they've learned that they've a good time socially and culturally

  • going back thinking they've had one of the best times of their lives.

  • Here is like more relax life.

  • Lifestyle is not hurry like in London.

  • I really like to get to know how English people live.

  • I enjoy social activities,

  • because I can spend my time with my new friends here.

  • Wednesday we go and play football there just in front of it.

  • Si, I go to the night club in Brighton.

  • It's summer now and sometimes go to enjoy a barbecue party.

  • Brighton is right in southeast corner of the UK

  • which is the warmest in the summer.

  • And we have the most of sunshine.

  • Before I came to here I want to see the sunshine.

  • I'm really impressed.

  • You must come to Brighton,

  • it's really a lovely and friendly city.

  • We have the best teachers in the UK.

We've got a lovely bunch of teachers are all different


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