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  • I think Brighton is the best place

  • that many international students choose to come.

  • We have the sun, we have the sea, we have the city,

  • and of course the lovely countryside out of it.

  • Students always have something to do,

  • and I can make friends from all over the world.

  • The good thing about Brighton is

  • you can do several things you can go to the beach and spend time with your friends and have an ice cream.

  • Or maybe you can go to the Brighton pier,

  • really good view in there, it have different attractions.

  • And something I like most is go to the bumping cars and have fun with friends.

  • You can also go to the Lanes,

  • there are little streets in Brighton.

  • You go shopping and got some foods at really good restaurants from there just have good time.

  • So I have one for mom and dad, for my brother and for my own.

  • The interactive whiteboards are amazing,

  • Because that help us to have fun learning English.

  • And also you can play games with the board,

  • It’s really interactive and really good way to learn English

  • You might sleep like

  • Log

  • yeah, maybe yeah

  • l o g

  • yeah, good.

  • My teachers in Embassy are amazing teachers.

  • They are dedicated to teach English,

  • to improve our languages.

  • It’s not just learn English,

  • it’s learn about their culture,

  • and that helps us to understand the way that the British people speak.

  • Thank you very much.

  • Have a good day, thank you.

  • Thank you.

  • When we eh teach 21st century students,

  • We have to teach in the 21st century classroom and technology is becoming more and more important.

  • We did see a great change in our studentsability even in such short period of time.

  • They tend to speak a lot of English outside of the classroom and theyll bring that language into the classroom for clarification with teacher,

  • and we can of course incorporate that into our lessons.

  • I can never forget this moment.

  • My English has improved a lot since I arrived here

  • I’m very pleased with my results

  • I think that now is more fluently

  • I can speak easily with all the people

  • It’s very important for me,

  • because when I go back to my country, I'm going to study international business.

  • and so of course it's very useful for me.

  • Embassy Brighton is really really good,

  • because you can make a lot of friends,

  • and also improve your English.

  • The classes are good,

  • because it's not like only grammar or only focusing on strict things you had been on activities.

  • so you speak and learn have some friends

I think Brighton is the best place


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