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When you meet someone for the first time, what's the first thing you look at?
First couple of seconds of meeting them.
Their face.
Their face?
I guess, their eyes.
Let's be honest here.
It's the eyes?
Their style.
The eyes.
What is it about the eyes that...
Whether they're alive or not.
First couple seconds.
Their eyes.
Their eyes.
Their eyes.
Their eyes?
So it seems like most people claim to look at eyes first.
I don't know if I believe that.
We're going to go back to the office, test it out.
See if it's true.
Alright, now we're back at the office.
I'm gonna grab Yessica and we're gonna get going on an experiment to find out what people actually do look at when they first meet someone.
So step one, we need to hire some humans and shoot footage of them walking, talking, looking into the camera, and getting undressed.
You know, human stuff.
Then we set up eye motions and eye tracking software and bring in our coworkers to check out the footage.
You're looking at her face, looking at their faces.
Those eyeballs.
As they watch this odd video, we will record every movement of their eyes.
When we watch the analysis back and search for patterns, we found some unexpected results.
The first was that ladies and dudes seemed to check out boobs the same amount.
Yeah, dudes thought they'd probably glance at breasts.
At least with women, I'm definitely looking at you know, like, you know, breasts.
She's wearing an open shirt.
Where are you supposed to look?
Then like the deep V?
But women dig boobs too.
Oh woah, that is a deeply cut shirt.
And the second super surprising result was that, even with all the accessories, boob, dicks and all the distractions, they're all in the frame, we still look at faces the most.
And not just eyes as many thought but the whole face.
But why do we do this?
Is it to be polite?
Is it because eyes are the window to the soul?
Research actually hypothesizes that we look at faces first because we're programmed to find faces.
In fact, look what happens when we show people this picture of pasta.
We find the face even in this inanimate picture.
And this picture.
And this one too.
This is because as social creatures, our ability to quickly find a face and determine if it was friendly or not kept our ancestors alive.
Today those same skills help us navigate our complex social world of group hangs and Tinder dates.
So people were kind of right.
We do look at eyes first.
But it's only because we're hard wired to find and interpret faces.
That's some cool science for you.
Yeah, cool.
Cool science.



初対面の時どこを見る?How Do People Really See You?

78729 タグ追加 保存
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