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  • Frankie, I need to speak with you a minute. Please?

  • - I got to go, Ma. - No, sit down just a minute.

  • Would you please come back a little later?

  • Thank you.

  • - Ma, I got to go. All right? - Just a few words.

  • Listen to me. I got...

  • Please, sit down. Just a few words.

  • I've been thinking about some things.

  • If you'd been a preacher, your brothers would have been preachers.

  • Right.

  • If you'd been a soldier, they'd be soldiers. You know that.

  • They came here because of you. You called and they came running.

  • Right.

  • That's because they look up to you.

  • They always expect you to know what's best.

  • But even they know

  • you don't shoot cops.

  • Even I know that.

  • - Eva knows it. - All right, Ma.

  • The only one who doesn't seem to know is you!

  • All right, Ma. I got to go. I promise you, I ain't gonna shoot nobody.

  • I never asked you where all this came from because I didn't want to hear you lie.

  • I didn't want you to worry about it. Now, come on, I got to go.

  • Don't lie to me!

  • Don't do that.

  • Do you want to make things so bad

  • for your family that they'll leave you? Because they will.

  • They'll understand.

  • She will leave you.

  • All right, Mama.

  • I will leave you!

Frankie, I need to speak with you a minute. Please?


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アメリカン・ギャングスター (7/11) 映画 CLIP - あなたの母に嘘をつかないで (2007) HD (American Gangster (7/11) Movie CLIP - Don't Lie to Your Mother (2007) HD)

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