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  • 1. Augmented reality The revolution going on in augmented reality is taking the fi out

  • of sci-fi. Amongst others, the microsoft hololens is showing us the future of wearable tech.

  • This technology brings holograms to life before your eyes and does so not using pixels like

  • conventional screens do. Instead it makes use of photons, the lightwave-particles that

  • your eyes receive and use to perceive the world. The outcome of this is projections

  • with perfect resolution, much more capable of tricking the eyes. Microsoft also developed the

  • first Hologram Processing unit to be used allowing for complete interaction with the

  • holograms with no noticeable lag. This technology already features simple games, but once released

  • to the public expects a vast increase in amazing augmented reality games.2. Seamlessly real

  • graphicsThis one is pretty much already here, with the unreal engines' new releases we're

  • seeing the first look at what is possible. As developers grow and software becomes more

  • advanced it is becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate between games and real life.

  • Already 'industrial light and magic' a cinematic lighting company founded by george Lucas in

  • 1975 has proved they can integrate computer generated characters and even entire cities

  • in a way indistinguishable from real life. Most all modern movies too are heavilly dependent

  • on computer generated graphics, and it won't be long before computers will be able to handle

  • this type of gaming.3. Cloud gamingCloud gaming has been around for years now but has only

  • recently been given the proper recognition it deserves. While service's like "onlive"

  • were popular for a short time, it became clear Internet speeds at the time were just too

  • slow to provide an optimal gaming experience. What Cloud gaming does, is it allows users

  • to connect to a server and play games of their choice without the need of gaming hardware.

  • Any device that can connect to the server is able to play the game regardless the device's

  • specs or power. This idea may allow for people to play any games on any device connected

  • to the internet; this will include computers as cheap as 9$ when the tiny 2inch computer

  • known as the chip gets released in 2016.4. Virtual realityVirtual reality has had a hard

  • time in the past. Becoming a phase that quickly lost interest it's recently come back into

  • popularity. Nearly every technology group is investing in some sort of virtual reality

  • development. There have been countless experiments regarding the effects virtual reality has

  • on the brain. Studies show that as the world you are immersed in gains reality it begins

  • to trick your brain quite effectively. Scientist were able to make subject actually feel the

  • touch of something poking their virtual body. This effect was so convincing some subject

  • freaked and demanded to have their VR-helmet removed. How intense these effect can get,

  • is still unknown. And if life is just the perception of senses and illusions, as modern

  • science suggests, if you trick every sense, do you become part of another world entirely?5.Training

  • real life skillsTrainings simulations have been around for a long time. However, simulations

  • done from a controller without real life elements can only become so real. With technology advancing

  • at it's current pace it will not be very long before people are able to put on a helmet

  • and train for real life events without the possibility of getting hurt. Soldiers can

  • train warfare with real people and real guns. Running and firing as they would normally

  • using virtual bullets, and knives and explosives they can train much more realistically.

  • Apart from learning skills, this development in gaming can also be used for exercising in

  • your own home and simply playing video games. Any game that features fighting, aerobics,

  • or fast paced action would greatly help in burning calories and reduce obesity.

  • Sitting for long periods of time is a major health concern and can lead to an 80% increase to

  • the possibility of heart attacks and strokes. should this technology become popular it would

  • reduce the sitting time of both children and adults by more then half. Taking gaming off

  • the couch and into the real world would be a huge improvement to the health of the population.

1. Augmented reality The revolution going on in augmented reality is taking the fi out


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