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Hi, I am Craig. Welcome to the saloon. This is Mental Floss on youtube.
And do you know that wine has been around for at least 9,000 years?
The historian said this is when the earlier vineyards
were arranged in the middle east which spread around the Mediterranean
through the Phoenicians and the Ethruscans.
The French soon started coping the wine making process
which is why they sometimes get credit for inventing wine
And that's first of many facts about wine that I'm gonna share with you today
And I'm gonna do this without being pretentious at all.
I am wine drunk though.
The world's oldest bottle of wine is over 1,600 years old
and it can be found in a museum in Germany
It was buried nearby 350 CE then found again in 1867
Prince Charles has an Aston Martin that runs on biofuel made up of wine
Queen Elizabeth gave Charles the original car when he turned 21
Then in 2008 it was converted to run on formal wine
Some historians believe that the Roman Empire fail thanks in part to lead poisoning
If that's true, wine probably had a lot to do with it.
The Romans cooked grape juice in led pots to sweeten their wine
And poison their wine.
According to the Wine Institute, where I'd like to work
Vatican City drinks the most wine per capita
at 74 liters of wine per person per year
It's four times more wine per capita than Italy
If California was its own country,
it would be the fourth largest producer of wine
after only France, Italy and Spain
Speaking of which in 1976 there is a blind wine testing in France
which has been dubbed the judgment of Paris
Nine French wine experts judged a bunch of wine from both California and France
and runned up rating Californian wine as best in both the white and red wine categories.
After the result was published in Time magazine,
the French wine industry ban the event organizer from participating in the wine testing tour.
Plato applaud that wine should only be allowed in moderation between the age of 18 and 30
After you hit 40 you will be free for all because he believe that wine was rejuvenating in older people.
Looking forward to 40.
When the movie "Sideways" was released, consumers started to buy according to the main character's taste
less people buy Merlot than usual, more people buy Pinot Noir
Experts called this the sideways effect.
Note worthy on the other Tituss' drama has a similar effect on wine drinkers
2003, a man named Richard Juhlin shocked the wine testing world in a blind testing competition for champagne in Paris.
At the event, Juhlin was able to identify the brand, producer, and year of 43 out of 50 different champagnes.
The person who came in second place was only able to identify 4.
It's a misconception that Charles Shaw wine a.k.a "two buck chuck" is so cheap.
because airlines needed to dispose their wine after corkscrew were banned.
Also it is nothing to do with him trying to ruin his ex-wife's winery business
Though she deserves it.
The boring truth is people were drinking less wine in America so Shaw was able to sell his for cheap
And nowadays it produce a huge volume and keep all the prices down.
It merely cost 2 dollars but in 2004 Two Buck Chuck won the top prize of the 20th Daniel International Eastern Wine Competition
It beat up 2,300 wines.
Hippocrates, who is known as the father of western medicine, recommended that wine is a treatment for many ailments,
including diarrhea, lethargy and labor pains.
He is my favorite doctor!
And in a 1997 experiment, researchers alternated German and French music in a supermarket for two weeks
They found that customers were more likely to buy French wine when they were listening to French music
And more likely to buy German wine when listening to the German music.
White Zinfandel was discovered by accident in 1975 by someone working at Sutter Home.
According to the company, a winemaker took some less concentrated red Zinfandel grape juice
and let it ferment because he was trying to make a stronger flavored Zinfandel. He failed.
Some people enjoy making red wine and Coke together
In Spain the drink is known as "Kalimotxo"
I learned this from a real housewife in New Jersey as I learned everything.
Speaking of wine and Coke, Michael Jackson used to drink wine in Diet Coke cans
because he didn't want his childern to see him drinking.
Okay, I am gonna finish up by telling you some differences between red wine and white wine
Red wine is red, and white wine is white.
According to the study done by Cornell University Food and Brand Lab
Wine drinkers typically pour 9% more to the glass when the wine is white rather than red.
Also learned that from the housewife
The general rule you may know is that red wine goes with red meat, like beef, lamb and venison
and white wine goes well with white meat like poultry and fish.
Then a sweeter wine works with deserts.
The wine experts recommend you also pay attention to the sauce and the flavor in the dish because those rule can change.
White and red wine are actually supposed to be served in different temperature, too
White wine is best at 45-50 degrees Fahrenheit
If it's a fuller white wine now 55-60 degrees is better
Red wine on the other hand, should be at room temperature so 59-64 degrees
When I'm in the room, 90. Because it's hot.
A red wine glass should actually have an edge that's angled slightly inwards.
It is supposed to make it easier to smell the wine aromas.
As for how it's made, both red and white grapes produce the same color of juice, clear
The grape skin is the reason that the red wine is red. Red grapes skins have several thousands times anthocyanidin segment
which turn the wine red in production.
Another notable difference is according to a Mayo Clinic quote
It is believed that drinking red wine in moderation may increase the level of HDL cholesterol which you might know as the good cholesterol.
And by moderation that mean up to one glass of wine per day for women and up to two for men.
Finally I return to this saloon to tell you that in 2001, an experiment was conducted with 54 undergraduates which were studying in wine testing and wine making in the University of Bordeaux.
The researcher asked them to describe one glass of white wine and one glass of red wine.
They didn't know the glass of red wine was actually the white wine dyed red
Not one of the 50 students realized they were drinking white wine
And they described it having all the features of red.
At least they weren't graduate then
Thank you for watching Mental Floss on youtube which is made of helpful these wine-knows
As we say in my hometown, DFTDR, don't forget to drink responsibly
or drink red. I like red wine better than white. Bye!



24 Facts about Wine - mental_floss List Show Ep. 336

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