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  • [dramatic music playing]

  • [laughing]

  • I know that feeling

  • It seems to run in my family

  • "Your father was a sea fairer, then"

  • My grandfather, Edward

  • He sailed with a ....rough crew

  • or, so I am told

  • for the king?

  • for himself.

  • But....that is a long tale for another day Mr. Faulkner

  • "Maybe he remembers where this rat is hiding, before my aim remarkably improves"

  • Tell me something

  • Hmmm?

  • You could've killed me when we first met

  • what stayed your hand?

  • Curiosity..any other questions?

  • [voice over] "This might be my final journal entry.

  • These words, my last.

  • I hope that Connor, my own son, will read this journal and perhaps when he knows little

  • of my own journey through life, understand me, and maybe even forgive me."

  • Mother, Father,

  • I am sorry, I have failed you both.

  • I made a promise to protect our people

  • As for you father

  • I thought I might unite us that we would forget the past

  • and forge a better future

  • in time, I believe you could be made to see the world as I did.

  • to understand

  • but it was just a dream

  • this too I should have known

  • "captains will curse our flag and Kings will fear it"

  • We're outnumbered men

  • It's not the first time Kenway, It won't be the last, Take no Quarter lads! And give no either!

  • In your haste to save the world

  • take care you don't destroy it

  • [dramatic music playing]

  • Victory for the Aquilla for her Glory!

  • [shouting Hoorah!]

  • I made never succeed. The assassins may struggle another thousand years in vein

  • but we will not stop

  • I realize now, in time, that the road ahead is long and shrouded in darkness

  • It is a road that will not always take me where I wish to go

  • but I doubt I will see its end

  • but I will travel down it none the less

  • Assassin's Creed - The Kenway Family Saga

[dramatic music playing]


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アサシン クリード - ケンウェイ・ファミリー・サーガ [HD] (Assassin's Creed - The Kenway Family Saga [HD])

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