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  • - Yeah? - Who beat that John Henry Lewis?

  • - That Braddock guy. - Correct.

  • Who whupped that Art Lasky punk?

  • - James J. Braddock. - Correct again.

  • Now, refresh me on this one. Who was it that took that Corn Griffin

  • and turned him inside out with no questions asked?

  • Who was that?

  • I used to think it was me, but now i'm kinda thinking it was you.

  • No, don’t you sell yourself short.

  • At some stage, you think maybe well do some taping, maybe?

  • Why not, why not?

  • Let’s see. How’s that?

  • What?

  • Excuse me, maam.

  • You can’t win without me behind you.

  • That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you.

  • Maybe I understand some about havin’ a fight.

  • So you just remember who you are.

  • Youre the Bulldog of Bergen

  • and the pride of New Jersey.

  • Youre everybody’s hope,

  • and youre your kidshero.

  • And you are the champion of my heart, James J. Braddock.

  • You know, you’d better go home.

  • You know, boxers hang around places like this

  • and you don’t want to get tangled up in that kind of crowd.

  • A nice girl like you.

  • OK.

  • I’ll see you at home.

  • Please, Jimmy.

  • I’ll see you at home?

  • See you at home, baby.

- Yeah? - Who beat that John Henry Lewis?


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