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  • - Why isn’t he sittindown? - Pay attention.

  • Now hell wonder: If Braddock is such an old man, why’s he still standing?

  • Why’s he still coming at me?

  • Youre stronger than this guy. Don’t back up, don’t back off!

  • This guy is a bull-rusher. Hell keep coming at you all night, until you stop him.

  • He can’t back up. You stop him.

  • You gotta beat this son of a bitch from the inside out!

  • You hear me? You gotta get in there.

  • You get in there and hit him and keep hitting until you break his nose.

  • You fill his face with blood.

  • Beat him from the inside out, Jim, from the inside out!

  • Lasky continues to fire. Braddock looks like he’s finally starting to wilt.

  • That’s it. That’s more like it.

  • Back him up.

  • Lasky now looking to put a Grimm ending to Braddock’s fairy-tale comeback.

  • Lasky pounding hard shots to the body.

  • Braddock just took a tremendous shot, a hard right to the head,

  • which knocked his mouthpiece to the canvas.

  • Braddock just took Lasky’s best shot and it didn’t even faze him.

  • Get in there and take that sucker!

  • He’s showing tremendous determination.

  • Right in there, and get his nose!

  • Braddock comes in with a hard shot to the body.

  • Lasky’s wilting under the pressure from the Bulldog of Bergen.

  • Braddock’s now back on the attack. Another vicious combination by Braddock.

  • Lasky flowing blood from the nose.

  • The 15th and final round.

  • Braddock now looks like the younger fighter.

  • The Garden is on its feet! Jim Braddock will not be denied!

  • There’s the bell. This one goes to the scorecards.

  • And the winner, by unanimous decision,

  • James J. Braddock!

- Why isn’t he sittindown? - Pay attention.


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シンデレラマン (3/8) Movie CLIP - ブラドックがラスキーを打ち負かす (2005) HD (Cinderella Man (3/8) Movie CLIP - Braddock Beats Lasky (2005) HD)

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