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  • Will audiences like it a lot? Youre watching Beyond The Trailer’s review of

  • Dumb and Dumber 2!

  • Last year we had the McConaissance, is it now time for the Carreyakening?! It might

  • seem hard to believe today, but Jim Carrey used to be one of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

  • After a phenomenal breakout year back in 1994, when Ace Ventura, The Mask and Dumb and Dumber

  • ALL hit theaters, Carrey went on to make megahits Liar Liar, The Truman Show and Bruce Almighty.

  • And even movies that seemed like flops were actually hits, as How the Grinch Stole Christmas

  • is still the highest grossing holiday movie of all time while Batman Forever is NOT the

  • caped crusader’s worst performing flick. But then, as fast as he was on the way up,

  • he was on the way down... Lemony Snicket, Fun with Dick and Jane, The Number 23, Yes

  • Man, A Christmas Carol, Mr Poppers Penguins, The Incredible Burt Wonderstone - not to mention

  • when he just recently imploded with Kick Ass 2. At least Jeff Daniels has had it easy,

  • as he’s never been famous! (mischevious smile) But if Carrey has needed a shoulder

  • to cry on, for someone to lend an understanding ear, he has The Farrelly Bros. After debuting

  • with Dumb and Dumber, There’s Something About Mary proved to be an even more spectacular

  • hit. Yet after that they fell and couldn’t get up with Shallow Hal, Stuck on You, Fever

  • Pitch, The Heartbreak Kid, Hall Pass and even their dream project The Three Stooges. So

  • much FAIL... Even 2000’s Me Myself and Irene, where Carrey reunited with The Farrelly Bros,

  • FAILED to recapture the Dumb and Dumber magic. There didn’t even seem to be any magic in

  • the brand, as the prequel in 2003 also failed to perform at the box office. Warner Bros,

  • who’d acquired New Line Cinema since the first Dumb and Dumber, had so little faith

  • in a sequel that even after The Farrelly Bros acquired independent financing, they still

  • wouldn’t agree to distribute it. Luckily they allowed The Farrelly Bros to try and

  • pitch it elsewhere and Universal decided to roll the dice. And come on, these two guys

  • have been underestimated before! Sure nostalgia couldn’t save Sin City 2 a decade after

  • its first movie came out, and it’s been TWO decades since the first Dumb and Dumber!

  • But did you see the rave reviews - and big ratings - Carrey got when he recently hosted

  • Saturday Night Live? Plus this has been a big year for comedies with 22 Jump Street

  • and Neighbors, which were both rated R. Meanwhile Dumb and Dumber To has the added benefit of

  • a PG-13 rating, allowing for a much bigger audience - and before you freak out, so did

  • the first Dumb and Dumber. Finally, using a tactic favored by Harry and Lloyd themselves,

  • Universal just played the trailer over and over again until it wore us down - just in

  • time for a weekend with no other wide releases to get in the way. So, shall the Carreyakening

  • begin?! Or was this sequel a dumb idea

  • after all?

Will audiences like it a lot? Youre watching Beyond The Trailer’s review of


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