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  • Kia ora and welcome to Aotearoa, "The Land of the Long White Cloud",

    こんにちは ニュージーランドへようこそ ここはマオリ語で「アオテアロア」

  • as the nativeori people call New Zealand.

    - 長い雲が白くたなびく地と呼ばれる国です

  • The country's North and South Island are divided by the Cook Strait.


  • Overlooking the Strait is Wellington: the world's southernmost capital.

    ウェリントンは 世界中で最も南に位置する首都です

  • Trendy Wellington is dubbed the Capital of Cool.


  • It's as if the fresh ocean winds bring in waves of creativity.

    さわやかな潮風が 創造性の波を吹きよせるようです

  • Home to less than half a million people,

    住民は 50 万にも満たず

  • Wellington isn't New Zealand's most populous city


  • but it is the country's political, cultural and culinary capital.


  • Clinging to the forested mountain slopes that spill out into the harbor


  • is the compact city center.


  • Imaginative street art, vintage shops, a hip café culture


  • incredible scenery, splendid museums, and a touch of tradition


  • make Wellington a breath of fresh air

    ウェリントンは 実に魅力的です

  • The locals are just as passionate about rugby union

    地元の人たちは ラグビー、コーヒー、

  • as about drinking coffee or locally brewed beer on the waterfront.


  • Vital to the unique flavor of this eclectic urban mix


  • is the cultural heritage of theori people


  • Te Papa, the beloved National Museum, shows how these brave seafarers

    「テ パパ」(国立博物館) ではこの勇猛な海洋民族が 山と海のはざまに広がるこの貴重な地に

  • made their mark in this precious land between the mountains and the sea.


  • Telling the story of New Zealand


  • is like turning the pages of a mystical book about a faraway land


  • It's a tale about discovery, ocean currents and starry heavens


  • and wooden boats navigating along the Ring of Fire...


  • First came the fearlessori people, who cultivated the country,

    最初の入植者は この国を開墾した勇猛なマオリ族、

  • then the Dutch who gave it its current name,


  • and eventually the British, who laid claim to the land.


  • Learn more about their navigational techniques in the Carter Observatory


  • See and hear how the rest of the story of the capital unfolded


  • in the Museum of Wellington City and Sea.


  • Continue your journey back in time in the historical city center:

    歴史をさかのぼる旅は 由緒ある中心市街の

  • a jumble of architectural styles.


  • Tour the neo-classical Parliament House


  • and admire the city's landmark Beehive building.

    街の象徴 ビーハイブ ビルをお楽しみください

  • From Lambton Quay, ride the historic Wellington Cable Car

    ランプトン キーから 昔ながらのウェリントン ケーブル カーを使い

  • to the top to visit its original Winding House

    最上部で元祖ワインディング ハウスを見学後

  • Take in the panoramic views from outside and then slowly make your way

    戸外で 見晴らしの良さを満喫し のんびりと

  • back down again along the scenic paths of the Botanic Garden.


  • When the Wellington Winds subside,


  • the locals flock to the waterfront to warm up in the sun.


  • Join the crowds for a wine or a beer on the wharf

    波止場の人波に加わって ワインやビールを飲んだり

  • or stroll along the boulevard of Oriental Bay

    オリエンタル ベイの板張り歩道を散策したり

  • Take the kids down to the beach or go fishing or kayaking in the harbor.

    お子さまとビーチに行ったり 港内で釣りやカヤックを楽しんだりしてみましょう

  • In central Cuba Street, poke your nose in a book shop or coffee shop


  • Make your way around the elegant Town Hall,


  • which is now a concert hall and visitor center

    現在はコンサート ホール兼観光案内所で

  • The building is part of Civic Square,

    シビック スクエアの一端をなし

  • which is full of surprising artworks that appeal to the imagination.


  • Thanks to their ability for storytelling,

    語りの能力にたけた 地元の人たちにより

  • the creative locals have given their city global fame

    この都市は 音楽、文学、映画の各分野で

  • when it comes to music, literature and film.


  • "Wellywood" has been the set for blockbuster movies,

    「ウェリウッド」製作の人気映画は多く 「アバター」、

  • such as Avatar and Sir Peter Jackson's King Kong and Lord of the Rings

    ピーター・ジャクソン版 「キング コング」、「ロード オブ ザ リング」があります

  • Come face to face with some of the local villains


  • in the mini museum of the Weta Workshop on the Miramar peninsula.

    ミラマー半島の Weta ワークショップにミニ博物館があります

  • From the city, hop on a bus to Zealandia, a conservation park.

    バスに飛び乗り 市街地からジーランディア自然保護公園へ

  • See if you can spot the endangered Takahē and Kākā birds

    絶滅危惧種の鳥 タカヘやカカは見つかるでしょうか

  • and learn more about the area's special flora


  • End your day with fine dining

    1 日の終わりはすばらしい食事の後

  • followed by a night out in a cozy downtown bar or theater.


  • Journey south to experience Wellington's legendary hospitality,

    南のウェリントンに旅し 昔から名高いもてなしの心や澄んだ空気の中

  • clean air and quality of life.


  • Whichever page you turn in New Zealand's distant capital,

    遠く離れたニュージーランドの首都では あらゆる瞬間に

  • you'll discover that magic and adventure is just around the corner.


Kia ora and welcome to Aotearoa, "The Land of the Long White Cloud",

こんにちは ニュージーランドへようこそ ここはマオリ語で「アオテアロア」


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