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  • Don't cry, mommy.

  • Don't cry.

  • I love you.

  • Dory?

  • Dory?

  • Dory?

  • It's the middle of the night.

  • Dad, Dory's sleepswimming.

  • She's talking in her sleep.

  • Dory says a lot of things in her sleep, OK?

  • Hand me the ratchet wrench, I can fix it.

  • But dad, what if she starts sleepswimming again?

  • I'm sure this was a one-time thing.

  • So can we just all go back to... Dory?

  • Dory! Dory!

  • I remembered something.

  • That's not possible, is it?

  • OK, is it like a picture in your head? Then you think I've seen this before.

  • I just use the word, before, which means I'm remembering something.

  • What was I talking about?

  • My family! They're out there somewhere. Have to find them.

  • An unforgettable adventure.

  • She probably won't remember.

  • I remembered something important.

  • - Something important, what? - Something about a clam or?

  • - No. - No, an oyster?

  • - No. - Mollusk...

  • - Something? I don't... no? - No. No clam.

Don't cry, mommy.


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EXCLUSIVE: 「ファインディング・ドリー」予告編 (EXCLUSIVE: 'Finding Dory' Trailer)

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