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What's up beautiful people?
It is your homegirl Shameless,
all up on the floor from Los Angeles,
and this video is New York vs. Los Angeles.
Some of you know,
I moved here from New York,
I was living in New York for 4 years,
and then I moved here.
I'm originally from Toronto, Canada,
so stay tuned for another Canada vs. New York video,
but I've been here for 10 months,
and I'm going to break it down,
the differences that I've noticed between the two cities.
So the first, most obvious one is transportation.
In New York City I was all about the MTA, public transit.
Sometimes even cabs at night
when I was working nightshifts bartending or cocktailing,
cabs all the way.
Here in Los Angeles it is all about the car culture.
They have public transportation,
but it's not as accessible as New York.
But yeah, I have never had to own a car
until I moved here.
So now I have a car and I'm part of that car culture.
Lyfts, Uber that all goes down here in Los Angeles.
The second obvious difference between the two cities
is rent.
New York I was living in a shoebox,
a pretty big shoebox, actually,
because I was living in Harlem, and the spaces are bigger
the further outside of Manhattan you go,
but it's so expensive in New York.
Everyone is struggling to pay rent to live in New York
because everyone wants to be there.
Los Angeles I find it is a whole lot cheaper,
there is more space, so everything is more spread out,
whereas New York everything is condensed.
What I pay here in LA gets me all of this,
I could not ever afford this in New York.
Even though rent in New York is a lot of money
you don't have to have a car,
and you don't have to pay for insurance and gas.
Los Angeles it is cheaper rent,
but I think that the difference is made up
once you start owning a car,
paying for insurance, paying for gas.
The lifestyle, New York vs. Los Angeles.
New York is all about the hustle,
the hustle is so real because you got to pay that rent.
Los Angeles I feel that because there is more nature,
it isn't a concrete jungle.
There's the oceans, you have your hikes,
you have road trips,
I find that people in Los Angeles are a lot more chilled back
than New York.
New York is very blunt, get your point across,
say what you need and bounce, because nobody has time.
If you are that person on the MTA walking slow,
walking in Times Square, slow,
you are not from there,
and you don't know about that hustle, yet.
Los Angeles super chill,
and I think that chill comes with the weather,
it doesn't ever get cold here.
You do not have to hibernate,
you do not have to hustle to prepare your nuts and berries
for the winter weather when you are stuck indoors.
And there's just a lot more appreciation for the outdoors.
Whereas in New York it's a little bit trickier.
Food, New York vs. Los Angeles.
Food in New York is so good and so tasty.
If you head up north to Washington Heights
you have Dominican, wholesome, good food.
If you head down to Little Italy, Brooklyn,
all the food in New York is so tasty and so good.
Los Angeles, on the other hand,
you can find good, tasty food everywhere,
however if you are a vegetarian or vegan
you are living the life out here,
there's so many options,
and you don't sound like a douche bag when you order
an almond milk latte with a side of kale and quinoa,
and Himalayan sea salt.
New York if I was your waitress and you asked me for that order
I would roll my eyes at you.
Fashion: New York vs. LA.
Because New York is so condensed with so many people,
and everyone is trying to get their life,
I found that the style in New York was very bold, very loud,
lots of personality, and just lots of flavor.
A lot of people in New York I found the style was very shameless.
Here in Los Angeles I find that people tend to blend-in,
like everything is very chill, very beachy, wavy hair,
and like flowy, chill clothing.
Yeah, that's what I've noticed.
Oh, and career, now I'm only going to speak on my career
since that's what I understand.
New York is definitely a city for theater,
for the arts, for fashion,
I think there is a lot of opportunities there for that.
There's also equally a lot of competition.
So you have to really up your game, dedicate the work,
dedicate the study, and all of that.
Los Angeles, I find that there is an up and coming fashion scene,
there is an arts scene out here, theater not so much,
but film & television dominates here in Los Angeles.
Which also means so does competition, so does the looks,
oh my goodness.
Let's talk about the people.
The people in Los Angeles are so pretty.
I have never seen so many pretty people in one place,
everyone [laughs] kind of looks like a model or an actor,
and they probably are.
New York definitely more personality,
both personality-personality, and look-personality.
It's not so much model-esque.
In conclusion New York vs. Los Angeles,
which city do I prefer the best?
I wouldn't pick one over the other.
What I love about New York is it taught me how to hustle.
It taught me how to think creatively,
and basically fight my way to the top,
because if I could make it here in New York City
I could make it anywhere.
Now living in Los Angeles,
what I appreciate about this city
is it's teaching me to appreciate the present, where I am,
not to get so caught up and stressed out,
and just to breathe.
So that's what I think of New York vs. LA.
If any of you guys have lived in both cities,
what differences do you guys notice?
Put it in the comments below.
And stay-tuned to my Canada vs. USA coming tomorrow,
7 day video challenge.
Remember to do you, be you, and stay true, boo. Be shameless.


Major Difference Living in New York Vs Los Angeles

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