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  • Here Embassy we'd like to use a lot of

  • what you might called nontraditional techniques.

  • Such as pair work, group work,

  • and especially team working conjunction with the interactive whiteboard.

  • You might sleep like

  • log

  • yeah, maybe yeah.

  • l.....o...g...

  • yeah, good..

  • When we eh... teach 21st century students,

  • we have to teach in 21st century classroom.

  • Technology we use in the classroom is integrated with the technology the students use in their day life.

  • So the kind of movements the students might make on the ipad or phone,

  • are also made on the interactive whiteboard .

  • What relative pronoun should we use here? Anybody?

  • which

  • which, good answer.

  • The interactive whiteboards are amazing.

  • It does help us to have fun in learning English.

  • It's really interactive and really good way to learn English.

Here Embassy we'd like to use a lot of


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