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We're following the US's consumer. And across the country, I travel virtually every single week,
Whether it's in Los Angeles or San Francisco, what's happening in New York or Chicago, or even in Miniaples.
The US's consumer is moving back to urban centers. So we're just simply following the consumer.
And while those are smaller formats, we have obviously more product available online. So if it's not available in that store today,
tomorrow you can order online and come by and conveniently pick up that full breadth of the targeted assortment.
So we're just following the consumer as they move back to urban centers. And they've told us they want the brand, we're gonna make sure the targeted brand is there.
So you clearly focus on exactly who your customer is, as every great marketing person is for a consumer.
Has that profile changed for target over time? Tell me about it. For example, are there more Hispanics in your clientele? How is it changing? How are their habits changing?
Well, they have changed. I mean, if we go back in time, you'll think about that target guess, that target shopper as the suburban housewife.
Now she's pulling up in a van with a couple of kids. And they're certainly coming to our stores today.
But we're appealing much more to that "Millennial Family", and we also know, more and more, they are Hispanic.
So we've got to recognize their needs, and make sure our assortment, the experience matches up with what they're expecting.
We also know our shopper today is very focused on digital. And when I walk our stores, they've got their smartphone open.
You're reporting on Apple today, there's a lot of Apple iPhones in someones' hand when they're shopping our stores. They're looking at our app.
They've got their shopping list, they're downloading something we call "cartwheel", but they're very digitally-connected.
So we've gotta recognize when they shop our stores, now this is a very digitally-connected shopper, and we have to make sure we meet their needs.


How Target Plans to Win Over Millennial Families

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