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Today we're talking all about Halloween.
-I want to suck your blood. -Really? JR, is this how you're going to host today?
Let's talk about that Vid!
-Welcome to VidTalk on VoiceTube TV. -JR, stop, please.
-I'm JR. -I'm Ray, and today we're going to talk about Halloween!
The reason why is because, it's coming up, right? When is it?
-It's actually this Saturday. Every October the 31st. -That's right.
Halloween is coming up, so we're talking about it and it's a very beloved holiday, but when we think about holiday, what do you think of, when you think about Halloween?
Well, of course I think about candy and trick-or-treating, those childhood memories.
-Yeah, well for me, I think of more... costumes. -So you're a cosplayer?
-No, I like watching people cosplay. -That is fun!
I don't dress up, I watch people dress up.
And also for some reason, we think of monsters.
Monsters, witches, werewolves, Dracula.
-I want to suck your blood. -JR, stop, please.
-That's JR's very bad impression of Dracula. -I just couldn't help it, it's like the werewolf seeing a full moon.
Ok, so what comes to your mind when we talk about Halloween? Candies, costumes, monsters?
-Trick-or-treating. -That's right.
But, JR, do you know the origin of Halloween?
You know, come to think of it, I really don't know.
So, let me fill you guys in on the origin of the holiday, Halloween.
The origin of Halloween actually comes from another holiday called "All Hallows Day" also referred to as "All Saints' Day."
It takes place on November 1st, so Halloween comes one day before that.
So Halloween is actually short for "All Hallows Eve", like Christmas Eve, Hallows Eve.
Now, on Halloween, people believe that ghosts will come and roam the Earth.
That is why they dress up as ghosts, so that they would be recognized as a fellow ghost to the other ghost,
instead of being a regular human being.
And that is the origin of Halloween.
JR... why? You know, I have so many questions right now.
First of all, where did you get that bar?
Second of all, why are you even eating on the show?
You know, well, it's Halloween, so I just went trick-or-treating in the office, and Richard (CEO of VoiceTube) gave me this.
Did you even listen to a word that I was saying about the origin of Halloween?
Well, we got it on camera, we can always go back and watch it.
-You're going to publish it on Thursday night anyways right? -Unbelievable, unbelievable.
Ok, let me make it up to you, I got a game.
You know, I'd rather you give me your candy.
No! But, if you win the game, I'll give you this.
Where did you even get that one!?
-Well, Johnny (COO of VoiceTube) gave it to me. -Unbelievable.
-Ok, if you win the game, I'll give you this bar. -Ok, ok, you're on.
Game on! If Ray wins the game, he will get this chocolate bar. Game on! Fact or Fake!
Now it's time for Fact or Fake and here are the rules for this game.
-I'm gonna ask five questions and out of these five questions, some of them are real, some of them are made up by me, and we're gonna ask Ray. -Ok.
-And Ray is gonna tell us if it's a fact or fake. -Like total BS (bullshit).
Yeah. So, Fact or Fake is an easy game to play.
I'm going to ask Ray five questions, and some of them are true, some of them are made up by JR.
And Ray has to decide whether it's true or not.
-Fact or Fake, it's just as easy as that. -Ok.
And if you get three out of five at least, three out of five, I will give you this candy bar as I promised.
Ok, sounds good.
-But if you lose, you're going to have to buy me another one. -What!? Did you just made that up? Can I back out now?
What! When did that happen?
-It's my game. I make up the rules! -Ok, whatever. Yeah, I'm in. I'm in.
Alright, ok, so five questions and here is the first question.
-Let's go into my computer laptop right here. -Ok.
And this is gonna be a lot of fun.
-Ok, Ray, no peeking. -Ok, no peeking.
First question: Halloween is the second highest grossing commercial holiday after Christmas we all know that,
according to Time Magazine, Americans will spend nearly 7 billion USD in total on Halloween.
-However, -That's a lot of money. -on the total, parents will spend more money on candy than costumes.
-Parents spend more money on candy than costumes, so candy and costumes. -Right.
This means parents in the US will spend more money on candy than on costumes.
Ok, so what I think, I'm gonna go with candy more.
-I think it's true. -You think it's true.
-Because the reason is this: because parents they don't only have to buy for their own kids. -Right.
Because a lot of kids come trick-or-treating, so they need to prepare a lot of candy to hand out to these kids.
-But for costumes, they only need to buy for their own children. -That's true.
-So I'm thinking, maybe, they will be spending more money, because of the quantity on candy. -Ok.
-So, I'm gonna go with true. Fact! -So, Ray you made a very good point. A very very good point, but it's wrong!
-What? What!? -Yes, it's fake! -It's not candy?
-It's actually the other way around, it's actually costumes. -It's costumes?
-Cause costumes cost a lot more money than candy, considering the fact. -Right, right. Ok.
Yeah, so costumes in total in America, they spend up to like 2.5 billion USD, while candies spend up to around 2.1 billion.
-That's, that's still approximate, that is still... -I know, that's a tricky game right? Yeah.
-Ok, ok, fine. -Alright, that's the first question and I win for the first question. Ok, that's a big X.
Second question right here for Ray and everybody who is playing with us.
Among all the candies children get on Halloween, Snickers are the most favorite candy.
-Why is it...? Why is everything related to candy? -True or false?
-Are all five questions about candy? -Because I like candy.
Snickers. I don't know if Snickers is that big of a deal in the United States.
-I think Mars, they're like... -Mars bars?
-Yeah, I don't know... -You know, Mars are big too.
-And Snickers? I'm thinking now, you like Snickers a lot -I like Snickers a lot, that's true.
So I'm thinking this is a personal preference, I would say Snickers is JR's favorite candy on Halloween, not the United States.
So I'm going to go with fake.
-So you're going to go with fake? -Yeah, fake.
How 'bout you guys in front of the... your laptop or your mobile device?
The answer is... it is true!
-What!? True!? -Yay!
-Snickers are very popular in America. -What!?
What's wrong with you? Like Snickers, yes, Reese's and Snickers are the most popular candy on Halloween.
And among all the candy categories, chocolate is actually voted, like, 70% the most favored candies.
-But out of all the chocolates, Snickers come up on top? -Yeah, Snickers and Reese's come out at the number one.
-Ok, fine. -At the top.
-I got two wrong. -Yeah, I got two already.
-Yeah, you can't afford to lose another question, cause you'll get eliminated. -Ok, ok. Alright.
You're going to have to buy me a candy bar.
-Ok bring it on! -Ok, question number three:
Children are more than twice as likely to be involved in a pedestrian car accident on Halloween than any other night of the year.
So on Halloween night, kids are more likely to get into a car accident than any other time of the year.
-True or false? -That's so sad, but I think it has a ring of truth to it, you know why?
Because on Halloween people, they need to dress up, in bulky costumes,
so that makes it hard for them to move around.
Second of all, they need to go out at night, door to door, to go trick-or-treating.
-So, I'm gonna go with true. -You sure?
-Yeah, because... -You have to consider the fact that there's a lot of holidays, a lot of festivals out there. Christmas, Christmas Eve...
-But you don't dress up as a ghost and go door to door for candy at night. -That's true, that's true.
People might shoot you for that.
-I'm gonna go with true. -You're gonna go with true?
-Yeah. Yeah. -True? Sure?
-Dang! You're right! -Yes, finally! Ok, good, good.
-One point for me. Sorry kids. -Alright, two to one right now.
-Stay indoors on Halloween. Don't get in to car accidents. -Yeah.
What you want to take away from this is, you got to be careful when you're trick-or-treating.
You have to be careful when you're trick-or-treating.
-Ok so here is the forth... -I feel good about this.
-We got two more questions. Two to one, JR is two, Ray is one. -Ok. ok.
Forth question: Last year, the world's largest pumpkin weighed 478 kilograms.
-That's a lot, that's like eight of me, that's really heavy. -Yeah.
But it's also very specific, 478.
If you made that up, I would think, you won't be so precise, down to the last digit.
-478. -You know, I'm a smart person.
You have to consider the fact that I'm smart.
You remember the last time you tried to prank me on my birthday?
-You guys were totally fooled? -Yeah, it didn't work.
-Ok. 478. Ok, then I'm gonna go with fake. -Fake?
-I'm gonna go with fake. -Fake? Are you sure?
-Yes. -Fake? And the answer is... true! YAY!
I'm sorry it's fake. Man... I lost.
-So, I won? It's not true? Oh good! I got two points! -It's fake.
-Ok, good, good, good. -Oh man, I feel bad!
-So it's not 478? Is it more or less? -It's actually more.
-More? Really? -It's even twice more than that!
So, what's the weight?
So, last year the world's largest pumpkin weighed, it was actually grown in Switzerland,
by this guy called Beni Meier, I hope I pronounced it right by the way, it weighed 1054 kilograms.
-Wow! That is gigantic. -A gigantic pumpkin that is 1054 kilograms.
-Wow! That is unbelievable. -Oh man, for a minute I thought I got you there.
-Ok, so it's now two to two. -Ok! Two to two. Ok! It's like take all or leave all.
-Finally, also this game is getting really exciting. -Right, all down to this one last question.
-Okay, the candy bar is at stake now, and the last question is...
-Number five: In 1970, a five-year-old boy, Kevin Toston, allegedly ate Halloween candy laced with heroin. -What?
At least he got a high on Halloween.
Investigators later discovered the heroin belong to the boy's uncle and was not intended for Halloween candy.
-That question, it's even more specific than the last one. -Fact or Fake?
-You got the year, you got the name, you got the heroin, you got the candy, you got the uncle. -Yeah, yeah, yeah.
-It's a very complete and complicated complex story -Yes, still consider the fact that I'm a smart person.
I don't think you are able to come up with so precise a story.
-I'm gonna go with true on this one. -You're going to go with true on this?
I'm gonna go with true, yeah.
How 'bout you guys, true or false?
-Heroin candy... -In 1970, there was a boy who ate heroin Halloween candy on Halloween.
What kind of story? Why did you even make that a question?
-You know, it's beyond me. -Okay, so the answer is... it's true!
-Yes! I got three questions. -You totally turned the table. Oh...
-I thought I lost it there. I got the first two wrong. -Oh man.
-I feel bad now. Now I have to give you the candy. -Yeah.
-Next Halloween. -What!?
Ok, never mind.
Ok, so, next part, we're going to watch...
so, it's still VidTalk, we're going to give you a video and today the video is...
-Do you know Jimmy Kimmel? -Yeah, I love that guy, Jimmy Kimmel is such a humorous guy.
Jimmy Kimmel, every year, he asks parents to tell their kids
they ate all their Halloween candy.
So, here's the video, check it out.
It's time now for our beloved holiday tradition:
Hey Jimmy Kimmel, I told my kids I ate all their Halloween candy.
Last night I ate all your candy.
Cause it was good.
You've ruined my life.
Hey we ate it all while you were sleeping.
Hello kids, I've got something to tell you.
Mommy and daddy ate all your Halloween candy while...
F*ck you! Mother***!
I ate all your candy.
That's ok.
-That kid was really sweet. -Yeah, that was sweet.
-Compared to the kids before that. -Yeah, before that, swearing.
That was hilarious. I love this series.
Jimmy Kimmel has been doing it for years already.
-In 2012, 2013, and 2014, I hope he does it this year. -Yeah, I hope so too. It's so fun.
It's so hilarious. I really would like to see these kids getting pranked and their reaction and all that.
What you can take away from this is, if you're a parent and you want to do this to your kids,
remember to bring a camera.
And remember to filter it too.
-Because nowadays kids know a lot of bad language, more than you think. -That's true.
So, it's still VidTalk. We're going to bring you our challenge of the week.
Again, as usual, we pick a sentence from the video,
and we want you to make a sentence out of a particular word and today, our sentence is:
"Last night we ate all your candy. Why? Because it was good. You've ruined my life."
-I'm still picturing it in my head. -Yeah, it's so dramatic.
That kid. You've ruined my life!
So, we're going to look at the word "ruin", what is the definition of "ruin", JR?
"Ruin" means to destroy, to devastate, to wreck, like Ray ruined my game.
Uh... calm down.
Just kidding.
Yeah, but to ruin somebody's life, it means to wreck somebody's life,
-to make somebody miserable. -That's right.
So, the word "ruin", when used as a verb, means to wreck, to devastate.
So, when we say, "to ruin someone's life", it means to wreck somebody's life, it's very bad, and you make that person miserable.
So that's our word for today, that is our challenge for this week.
So, leave a comment down in the comments section below and using the word "ruined", make a novel sentence,
and the next episode, you might be able to see your own sentence in VidTalk.
That's right and that's VidTalk for today on Halloween.
Thank you for liking, commenting and sharing this video.
And remember to subscribe to VoiceTube TV and come back for weekly episodes of VidTalk.
And now we're going to go into the comments left in our previous episode.
-Take it away JR! -That's right.
Ok! We got some comments right here, and we're gonna take three out of the many comments that you left with us,
we're really thankful, and here are the three that we like a lot.
So, for the first one, from Wushuowei, this is from you,
he said, "I had a misconception that VidTalk is still on ICRT, so since 8 P.M. I waited there for 15 minutes, lol."
-We're so sorry. -Actually, I'm entertained.
But you can come back to VoiceTube TV every week without fail, we will be here.
-A new VidTalk. -Every Thursday night 8 p.m. by the way.
-That's right. -Ok, Wushuowei, nice guy.
-Next is from Rainey, Rainey Liao, yeah, she's one of our favorite listeners too, our audience now. -Yeah, see her a lot.
She said, "The people around me always think that I am really kind and patient, but that is misconception. They don't really know me."
Really Rainey!? Really!?
So that means you are bad, evil, and impatient?
Ok, we'll take that. We'll take that, as long as you keep on tuning into our show.
Ok, last but not least, I like the name already, her or his name is XDcrazylove.
-XDcrazylove. -Well, he or she said,
"Fisherboy123 had a misconception about Ray, so he left bad comments on Ray's YouTube channel."
Is that the case? Is it because of a misconception?
Maybe it was a true conception.
Maybe he was right all along, maybe we were wrong, maybe Ray is a bad guy!
-So, anyway, thank you guys for tuning in to this week's VidTalk, I'm Ray. -And I'm JR.
And we will talk to you next time!


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