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  • You know, we talk about the eternal beyond the understanding of a person's mind, it is true

  • If you just gaze astronomy, a person will be the surface of the astronomical knowledge get mad

  • When you are thinking of the things around you around the complex relationship between the size and the time

  • If you enter the space, you will find that there is no end

  • Tens of millions of light years across that space can not be

  • But Christ, who died for you, who for the disciples feet

  • All this is to create and maintain their normal operation that a

  • Imagine if the whole universe into a super-computer

  • The size of the size of the universe are not involved in human capacity, let alone decrypt them

  • Is so incredible

  • This is the source of birth in a manger

  • Jesus, you really need people to worship

  • If we do not accept him, he really would do alone

  • Let him be a major loss do

  • He can not be calculated, some country

  • My little boy Evan, started crying the night before

  • He said wanted to see Nanna

  • Nanna is my mother

  • Then I said, Evan, you know that your grandmother died, he will know you in heaven

  • Evan asked that she be happy in heaven do

  • I would say, she is very happy

  • But what she was doing

  • Now we try to give it all to imagine her in heaven to do

  • Let me ask you a question

  • You have enough curiosity to do these

  • Anything you do will be curiosity

  • This I believe there is a miracle it

  • Or you no longer care about how the things in the end

  • You are not seriously thinking that is no longer what is waiting for you

  • You will be surprised it he created the world

  • He created the universe

  • You should be surprised

  • But behind a more worthy amazing

  • All things to maintain such a complex and orderly conduct of

  • Such a fright

  • He maintained throughout the universe always maintain normal

  • Throughout all eternity so effortlessly

  • In the face of his great ability as insignificant as feathers

  • Now this power

You know, we talk about the eternal beyond the understanding of a person's mind, it is true


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B1 中級

賛美への呼びかけ】ポール・ワッシャー 不思議への呼びかけ ポール・ワッシャー (【頌讚的呼召】保羅華許 A Call To Wonder - Paul Washer)

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