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Today we're talking about the differences between radio and internet.
But I hate the Internet...
Well it's cause you don't understand it. Probably.
Well, true. Let's talk about that Vid.
Hey this is VoiceTube TV and you're watching VidTalk. I'm JR!
-I'm Ray, and today we're going to discuss the differences between traditional radio and the Internet. -That's right.
So welcome to the new VidTalk, as you can see, we're in a new set-up.
Everything brand new.
We have a new backdrop, we have a new microphone, new camera.
With everything costly a fortune, namely we're burning money.
Yeah, true. But something's not changed.
The two of us.
Yeah it's still JR and Ray.
It's still us hosting VidTalk but before we start, I feel obliged that we should offer our audiences some guidance as to what is VidTalk.
Why is it called VidTalk?
What's going on?
So VidTalk, namely VidTalk is Vid Talk, and Vid stands for video. We actually made that up.
Yeah, yeah, short for video.
Talk is what we're gonna be doing in the video, we're gonna be talking about some videos that are viral on the Internet.
and that we've chosen for each episode.
We're gonna be talking about it, we're gonna make fun of it, and then we're gonna teach you the English within it!
Sounds good.
-But to be honest, this is not the first time we've worked together. -Right.
-Can you see it? Can you see the flow maybe? -We've got that flow~
The chemistry?
-They'd be like, uh no. -What the heck!
So in the past six months me and JR, we've actually worked together on VidTalk, on another version of VidTalk.
It was actually on vid... on radio, not video. This is the video. It was on radio before.
It was six months ago, we've been doing it for six months already with ICRT radio.
That's right.
And it was a weekly radio show for thirty minutes for each episode.
And as we just mentioned, we would talk about the videos, and then we would break down the English for you and teach you the English within it.
That's right.
-So today our topic is radio versus internet right? -That's right.
But it just happens, me and JR, we are more experienced in either field.
So JR he's more experienced in the radio field and I'm more experienced in the Internet.
So now we're going to divide up into team radio, team JR.
And team Ray, team internet.
-And we're going to fight? No we're not gonna fight. -We're gonna debate.
-We're gonna talk it over, we're gonna talk it over. -Yeah.
So let's start with JR, what do you like about radio in your past experiences?
Well I've been a radio host for the past five to six years, it has been such a fun ride,
and what I love most about radio is the real-time interaction with your listeners.
What do you mean by real-time interaction?
Well when you're doing a radio show, you know, according to ACNielsen, you know that there's probably fifty thousand, a hundred thousand people
-listening to you at the very same time. -like tuning in right now, oh okay.
Right, so you can do a lot of things with them.
You can take their phone calls, you can take song requests, you can even interact with them on Facebook while you're doing the show.
-Uh huh. -It's a lot of fun.
And it can get a little bit nervous and nerve-racking from time to time, even though it is very very exciting.
Do you have any concrete examples. Solid examples. Times when you got too much pressure and you just snapped.
Well at first, when I started off in 2009. There was one time that was at the very beginning of my career.
I ran out of words and I was left speechless, and I just felt like the cat caught my tongue,
and I had to hit the commercials immediately. I was like, oh what the heck just happened!?
You wanna dig a hole and bury yourself in there.
Yeah, I really wanted to dig a hole, or just jump right out of the window.
Okay, so I get it, I get it. Sometimes being live on air, having so many people listen to you at that very moment you're speaking,
it can get nerve-racking, but besides that. Do you have anything that you don't like about radio.
You know, I have to say, no I really love radio.
No no, be honest. Really? Nothing?
Well if you have to bring it up, if you have to mention something.
-Uh huh. -Well, what I don't like about radio is that you can't replay it.
-That's right, you can't replay it! -You can't replay it.
There are things called podcasts but it's different, it's totally different.
-The meaning of radio is real-time interaction. -That's right, that's right.
So, for instance, from time to time you would get phone calls, people call you and they make song requests.
(girl voice) Can I dedicate a song to my boyfriend, cause I really love him, and it's his birthday. I wanna dedicate a song next hour thank you.
And I'm like okay, we'll do that.
And the next hour I play the song, and then an hour later she calls in again.
(girl voice) I'm so sorry JR, he wasn't listening at that hour, can you do it again?
-I'm like... uh I'm sorry. -Do you do it? Do you do it?
Do you grant their request and play it again?
You know, in that specific case I said, "I'm sorry we're out of time" when I actually had 20 minutes on the clock.
-I'm sorry! -You lied
I'm sorry I have to confess.
How about you though, what about you in doing YouTube?
-Cause Ray is a very successful YouTuber. -Moderately successful.
-He just started... -Mildly successful.
-You just started in January right? -Yeah about that time.
But he's very successful right now, so what about it.
Okay, we're talking about internet and specifically YouTube.
When I see YouTube, when I started YouTube, I can't say I have a long history with YouTube.
Well obviously I've been watching YouTube, I've been browsing YouTube for a long time,
but I only started to become a "YouTuber", a creator this January.
So I have about ten months of experience with YouTube.
-And the thing I like most about YouTube is the community. -Oh the community!
Right, right. The people.
Ok, so when we're talking about community, we all know that in the same community there's always good people and bad people.
Do you ever get any bad viewers? People that give you hate comments that rain on your parade, make you feel bad?
That's an excellent question, and to answer that question...
Wait, do you remember fisherboy123?
-How do you know fisherboy? -Fisherboy123
How do you know him?
-Because that was me. -That was you? Really?
You left all those mean comments?
No, I'm just kidding!
How did you know about fisherboy?
-I just happened... I was looking at your YouTube page and... -Did you see his comments?
-I saw his comments and he's a very naughty boy. -Oh okay. Yeah, okay. Yeah yeah yeah.
Fisherboy123, I remember him. Yes.
So you already know the answer to your question, why are you asking. Why do you bother asking me...
Just for fun.
So yes. I like the community. But there's always... it's like two sides of a coin; there's the good and there's the bad.
So sometimes I do get bad comments, for example fisherboy123.
So fisherboy123, if you're watching right now.
You better fish in another pond.
-Wow, that's a good line! -It is right?
You better fish in another... pond.
-I feel like Liam Neeson right now. -That's a good line.
I'll find you and I'll kill you.
I'll take away your fishing rod and shove it up your...
-And just cut it there. -We should cut it right here.
Give good comments.
Yeah, please. Also, for our YouTube channel. Because now VidTalk is going to... from radio to video, to this YouTube platform.
I hope we don't get any haters.
I don't think so.
Will you guys? No?
-Viewers, you know, please. Don't hate us. -Just be nice, we're good people.
-What did we do to you? -We're so innocent.
Don't leave bad comments!
-Leave good, positive comments! -"Positive energy"!
Yeah so today we're talking all about radio and YouTube, so it's VidTalk, so again we're gonna offer you a video.
This video is all about the misconceptions of being a YouTuber.
So we're going to show you the video first and then we're going to talk about a clip, and we're going to teach you the English within it.
How's that sound?
-Okay let's check out the video. -Let's do it.
And while being a YouTuber is definitely the best hobby slash job ever, there are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to what we actually do.
Hey welcome back, this is the section of the weekly challenge!
Now what we do during this part of the show is we issue you a challenge,
we actually take a sentence from the video that we just showed you, and we pick a word we want you to make a new sentence out of it.
That's right. And today our sentence from the video is, "and while being a YouTuber is definitely the best hobby slash job ever,
there are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to what we actually do."
Ok so the sentence here. What we want you to make a sentence with is the word "misconception".
So first of all, JR, what is the meaning of "misconception"?
Misconception means to have a wrong impression, a wrong conception, or a wrong belief about somebody or something.
Yeah that's right. You are wrong about someone, you misjudged someone.
So misconception, if we look at the word closely, it starts with the prefix "mis", so "mis" as in... "mis"...
United States of America.
No, I'm thinking about vocabulary words, you're thinking about women.
-Oh I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. -Like mistake
I just spaced out.
-Mistake or like, misunderstanding. -Right right right.
So these words, they start with "mis".
-Did I misunderstand you? -No, no, you did not. Yeah.
Ok so these words they start with "mis", so that means, it's not right in a sense.
So misconception, it's a conception that's wrong. So misconception. Hence the word.
So we want you to make a sentence with the word misconception and leave it in the comment section below.
-But before we do that... -Let's give you an example of it.
That's right.
Alright so I'm gonna make a sentence and this is what you're gonna do.
For instance, people think that... you might think that Ray is not athletic, that is a total misconception.
But, but that's true. I'm not athletic...
-It is? -Yeah, I don't do sports.
I'm so sorry...
But, it would be a misconception if it's in JR's case because he loves sports.
Oh that's true, yeah I love sports. I come across as a skinny bony person, but I love sports.
And he's a really good football player too.
So if you wanna play football together this weekend. This is my number.
That's right. Wait... you're still talking about numbers and... are you still giving out number to girls or something?
So this is our weekly challenge for today, do leave us a comment down in the comment section below using the word misconception to make a novel sentence.
And if we like your sentence, maybe we'll choose it for our showcase next episode so you'll be able to see your own sentence on the show.
That's right and that's our weekly challenge for this week!
Thank you for liking, subscribing and commenting!
And if you want to see more videos, for example this video with both Chinese and English subtitles, or the video that we talked about,
the misconceptions of being a YouTuber, you can click on the links and pictures around us.
And do remember to subscribe to our channel and come back next Thursday night for the next episode of VidTalk.
-That's right. This is VidTalk, I'm JR. -I'm Ray.
And we'll talk to you next time.



VidTalk // Radio vs. Internet

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