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  • A headline circulating around says that eggs, meat and dairy

  • are essential for brain development.

  • So what does this mean for vegetarians and vegans?

  • Anthony, here, for DNews.

  • And on the sliding scale of vegetarianism,

  • I'm kind of like beginner to middle.

  • I'm a lacto-ovo vegetarian, which

  • means I eat eggs and dairy, but no other animal products.

  • And then on the far end, of course,

  • you have vegans who don't eat any animal products at all.

  • It's tricky to stay healthy as a vegetarian or a vegan,

  • because you've always got to watch what you're eating

  • and make sure you get replacement

  • sources for everything you'd normally get from an animal.

  • Except a new study from the University of Montreal

  • is going around online saying there's

  • a nutrient only found in meat, eggs and dairy

  • that's essential for brain development.

  • It's called asparagine.

  • It is an amino acid that we've always considered an essential

  • to get through our diet.

  • It's one of the 20 most common amino acids on earth.

  • Amino acids are used to make the proteins

  • that you need to survive.

  • They're responsible for strength, repair and rebuilding

  • inside your body.

  • The asparagine is mostly involved with the development

  • and operation of your nerves.

  • Our liver actually makes a lot of it out of other amino acids

  • automatically, enough to provide for our whole body.

  • So here's where the study's framing and headline sort of

  • fall apart, compared to the actual content.

  • Even though just about all of us make enough asparagine

  • automatically, there is a small percentage

  • of the population with a genetic defect that

  • causes them to not make as much as everyone else, which

  • can lead to severe intellectual disability

  • and even atrophy in their brain.

  • It just doesn't grow or change.

  • The headline seems to imply that if you have this defect,

  • you will need eggs, meat and dairy.

  • So a vegan or vegetarian diet could be dangerous.

  • First of all, how rare is this defect?

  • Well, so far only nine children around the world

  • have been found to have it.

  • And in those children, the addition

  • of asparagine in the diet can help

  • boost the amount in their body and get more of it

  • across the blood brain barrier, which could counteract

  • the effects of the genetic issue.

  • So it seems like being vegan would only be dangerous

  • for those people, right?

  • Well, not even that.

  • See while the headline calls out meat, eggs and dairy,

  • remember that asparagine is one of the most common amino acids

  • on earth.

  • It's also in whole grains, legumes, soy, basically

  • the staples of a vegan diet.

  • I love saying the word legume.

  • So if you're a veggiesaurus and you're

  • seeing this story floating around, and it got you nervous.

  • Don't worry.

  • Your brain is fine.

  • Well, as fine as it ever was.

  • I cannot speak for how your brain was before.

  • Though if your friends are like mine,

  • they think your brain is crazy and the only cure is bacon.

  • And I don't think there's any research that

  • will ever change that.

  • What food myths are floating around that drive you nuts?

  • Is there anything you wanted to know about food that you'd

  • like us to clear up for you?

  • Let us know down below, and subscribe for more DNews.

A headline circulating around says that eggs, meat and dairy


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