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  • - You're very private, I'll say that.

  • So you haven't been-- you were here seven years ago--

  • - Correct. - And I don't think you've done

  • anything in seven years.

  • You don't do a lot of press.

  • - No, I don't.

  • You know, I work, and I'm at home looking after the kids.

  • So no, I don't tend to do a lot of TV,

  • but I love the show,

  • and it looks like there's lots of really...

  • strong, powerful women out there that want to have fun,

  • and I'm just a big fan of what you do--

  • - Well, thank you so much. - So thank you.

  • Thank you so much. [cheers and applause]

  • [cheers and applause]

  • So... [cheers and applause]

  • You're a-- [cheers and applause]

  • You know I adore you. I adore your husband.

  • He is just the greatest.

  • I just--what's his name again? David--

  • - [laughs] - Be-ham?

  • - Yes, David Beckham, yes. - David Be-ham.

  • Yeah, he's a-- he's a wonderful guy,

  • very very funny, and he's done some funny stuff for us here.

  • And the last time you were here, you just had the three boys,

  • - Yeah. - Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz.

  • - Yeah. - And then you were hoping

  • to someday have a girl, and now you do.

  • You have Harper, and how old is she now?

  • - She's going to be four. She's going to be four.

  • - Really? Wow. (audience) Aw!

  • - Yeah, you know, she's amazing. All the kids are amazing.

  • I mean, they're really good kids, you know?

  • They work hard at school.

  • They're happy, they're funny,

  • and they're just really good kids.

  • And she's so great, and the boys are great with her.

  • She's a little tomboy, you know.

  • She--she loves to wear little dresses,

  • but then she loves to put her football boots on,

  • and get in the garden with her brothers,

  • and have a bit of rough and tumble, which--

  • which I think is great, you know.

  • - That she's both, yeah. And Brooklyn took a pic--

  • he went to Coachella this last weekend.

  • - He did. - And there was a--

  • A picture of--he was by him--

  • I guess he was the first one there, 'cause he was--

  • [audience laughter]

  • Nobody else showed up.

  • He had a good seat. - Yeah.

  • - He's got, like, 1.7 million-- he's--

  • Instagram followers, right? - Yeah.

  • He's a good boy. - Yeah.

  • - He's a good boy. - He was like--he was a bus boy

  • at a cafe, which I think--

  • you know, he doesn't have to do that,

  • but I though that was amazing that he's a bus boy.

  • - Yeah, he's--he's worked in the local cafe,

  • washing up dishes, for the past two years,

  • which I think is great, you know.

  • For me and David-- we work a lot,

  • but the kids are everything to us,

  • and we're very, very present, and I think it's important

  • that the kids have a good work ethic,

  • and, you know, try and help other people as well.

- You're very private, I'll say that.


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