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  • Hello, this is Jack from

    こんにちは、 のジャックです。

  • And in this video, we're going to look at how you can improve your English speaking skills, so keep watching!


  • Learning English?

  • Get on the road to Fluency.

  • To Fluency.

  • I receive many emails from English learners telling me that they want to improve their English speaking, and I imagine this is what you want too.


  • But before we take a look at the specific ways that you can improve your speaking,

    スピーキング力を上げる 1 つ 1 つの方法を見ていく前に、一般的な英語力に取り組むことがスピーキングにも役立つので重要です。

  • it's important to know that working on your general English is going to help your speaking too.

  • So, make sure you're doing the other things that you need to do to improve your level.


  • So, there are two main ways that you can improve your English speaking,

    英語のスピーキング力を上げる2つの主な方法をご紹介します。まず 1 つ目は、自然な練習をすることです。これは誰かと英語で会話をすることを意味します。

  • and the first way is to get more natural practice; and this just means having conversations with other people in English.

  • Doing this not only helps you use your English in different situations, but it also allows you to learn new words and phrases,


  • and to learn more about English by listening to other people speak.

  • And having conversations is one of the best ways that you can get natural input.


  • The second way to improve your speaking is to do something that I call focused learning.

    スピーキング力を上げる 2 つ目の方法は、集中学習と私が呼ぶ方法です。

  • And this is when you practice specific things to help you improve; you can do this on your own or work with a teacher, and this is different than having normal everyday conversations.


  • An example of this is doing drills and other things that are going to help you improve your pronunciation.


  • And I feel that not enough learners spend enough time working on their pronunciation.


  • It will make a massive difference if you can say the different sounds in English correctly.


  • In addition to being able to use the correct stress, intonation, and rhythm when you speak, and that is why I recommend that you spend time working on your pronunciation.


  • Another example of focused learning is mimicking native speakers,


  • and anyone can do this now because of all the audio that is available for free online.

  • And this is an easy method to work on: All you need to do is listen to a native speaker and then repeat after they speak.


  • To take this method further, you can actually record your audio, and then compare it to the original recording.


  • What this does is it allows you to compare your version to the original version, and then make any changes that you need to make.


  • So, using a combination of natural practice and also the focused learning methods I talked about is really going to help you.


  • And my question for this video is this: How often do you speak in English?


  • How often do you speak in English?


  • Leave your answers below this video.


  • Thanks for watching, and see you next time!


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Hello, this is Jack from

こんにちは、 のジャックです。


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