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  • Go get the car or something.

  • Nah, it's not-- it's not working.

  • The whole part. The whole kid thing.

  • lt's horrible.

  • No, Michael. Don't do this.

  • l was thinking l wanted to make it a little more sexy, you know. A little more real.

  • What's more real than these kids?

  • [ Whistles ]

  • Oh, no.

  • Michael, don't do this.

  • lfyou want to get back at me, do that, but don't take it out on these kids.

  • Hey.

  • - All right, now l'm gonna giveyou some music. - Okay.

  • And l wantyou to listen and then move.

  • Go doyour thing.

  • Do not take away the one thing they have to be excited about.

  • Look. l have a lot to do today, all right?

  • So ifyou want to get paid,

  • pack upyour shit and take your little friends out ofhere.

  • l wantyou to fire 'em. l wantyou to tell them whyyou're not using 'em.

  • What's going on? Don't wory about it.

  • What makes you think l care whatyou want?

  • [ Michael ] Yeah, the label called. They're not into the kid thing at all.

  • [ Ginuwine ] for real? Aw, man. All right.

  • - l'm so sory. - So it's not gonna happen?

  • No. He changed his mind about what he wants.

  • - Why? -Just because.

  • - You made him mad, didn'tyou? - Not intentionally.

  • Look, you guys. There will be otheropportunities.

  • No, there won't. Let's go, y'all. This is wack.

  • [ Groans ]

Go get the car or something.


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ハニー (9/10) Movie CLIP - マイケルのビターな一手 (2003) HD (Honey (9/10) Movie CLIP - Michael's Bitter Move (2003) HD)

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