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I don't even know where to begin
I know
It's been a long time
It has
hasn't it?
but here we are
here we are
I guess maybe
we should start from the beginning?
do you still remember?
I remember
I remember the way you looked at me.
the way the world stood still, when our eyes met
now I'm not one to believe in fate
But then you smiled
And I couldn't stop myself from smiling as well
I've seen a lot of beautiful things
but I have never seen anyone as beautiful as you
and you know what?
everyday seemed like a normal day
until you came along
I'm so sorry Alex
I know I complicated things for you
life is better complicated
I'm really sorry for everything
you shouldn't apologize for that
because good or bad
I'd gladly do over all of the fights
re-live all of the sad memories
if it meant I could just spend a little more time with you
I'd give everything
wouldn't it be better if you just forget?
you can't just ask me to forget
because I can't
I can't
why not?
you deserve better
you deserve someone
who will always be there for you
someone who will make you happy
someone who will never leave your side
then stay
some may say
that love is a choice
but it's not
you don't choose who you love
and you don't get to choose
when to stop loving
and just like everything else in life
it all just kind of happens
so when it does
everything else
becomes secondary
Alex, I know it's hard
but you have to move on
maybe you should stop thinking about the "what ifs"
and the "what could have been"
I can't
without you
I'll just be miserable
you can
because sometimes
you need to learn how to let go
in order to be happy
life sometimes throws you a curve ball
it comes at you fast
and you don't know when
or where it will hit you
but will hit you hard
I guess it's just a matter
of how you pick yourself up
and move forward
I guess in reality
not everyone gets their happy ending
not everyone gets to grow old with the one they love
but the memories that you make together
all the moments you laughed
all the times you cried
those are the ones that last forever


Stay | Short Film

763 タグ追加 保存
Jason Tsao 2015 年 10 月 15 日 に公開
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