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  • Hey this is VidTalk and I know that we told you we're ending...

  • We lied!

  • That's right, we're back and better!

  • He's JR.

  • And he's Ray.

  • And this is... VidTalk!

  • So JR what is VidTalk?

  • Well VidTalk is a show we've been doing for the past six months with ICRT radio,

  • and for each episode of the show, we do bring you a video, and we talk about the video content,

  • then we break down the English for you, we teach you the English within it.

  • It's kind of cool.

  • But now the project has ended, but we've decided to take it into our own hands and take it to the next level.

  • That's right, we're going to a better place now.

  • A lot of you, either VoiceTube users or ICRT listeners, you've requested that we continue this program,

  • so we've decided to transform this radio program into a video program.

  • It's still gonna be the two of us, we're still going to talk about interesting videos, we're still going to teach you useful and fun English,

  • but most importantly, we will provide you with both Chinese and English subtitles with every episode!

  • That sounds awesome. So don't forget, every Thursday night, starting from October 22nd,

  • every Thursday night at 8 p.m. sharp, tune in to our channel cause we will publish a brand new video every Thursday night.

  • Okay? Once again, do log on to our YouTube channel.

  • So our YouTube channel, we will include the link somewhere here?

  • Here? You know, we haven't decided yet, but here? Here?

  • Click on Ray's face. We're gonna put it right here. Just click on Ray's face and subscribe to our channel.

  • Click on my face to go to our VidTalk channel, subscribe to our channel,

  • there's nothing there yet, but come next Thursday night 8 p.m. sharp,

  • there'll be our first ever episode.

  • That's right, till then! See ya!

  • See ya!

Hey this is VidTalk and I know that we told you we're ending...


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