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If you're choosing to rent a self-contained camper van,
sooner or later, you're going to need
to know how to use a dump station.
A dump station is a special drain for emptying
your on-board toilet, and also your grey water-- that is,
the water from your on-board shower and sink,
if you have one.
They can be identified with this blue sign
and can be located using the free CamperMate app.
Normally, there will be a metal cover, which you lift up.
This will expose two drains.
The one with the lid is for your toilet cassette.
The other is for the grey water.
You may also encounter just one drain at a dump station.
This is universal and means you can put both the toilet
cassette and the grey water down.
Removing the cassette is simple.
It's a good idea to keep some hand
sanitizer or disposable gloves on board.
If you're travelling in a smaller camper van,
you may have a camping toilet on board like this one.
Empty the cassette down the drain
and press the button to allow some air in.
When you're done, rinse your cassette with water
and add the special chemical from a bottle or the tablet,
with two cups of water.
Emptying the grey water is also simple.
Just attach the hose to your outlet and turn on the lever,
draining the contents into the grey water drain.
Most water available at dump stations
is not safe for drinking.
Only fill up your water tank if you
see a sign for drinking water.
When you're finished, make sure you hose the dump station down
so it's clean and tidy for the next person.
If you're coming to New Zealand, make
sure you download the free CamperMate
app to find nearby petrol stations, supermarkets,
real-time road warnings, free Wi-Fi, and pretty
much everything you need when you're on the road.
Thanks for watching.


How to use a RV/campervan dump station in New Zealand

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