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  • Hey guys, so last week after announcing this new Ask Abroad segment answering questions

  • from you the viewer about Japan. I received actually a ton of questions so far over a thousand and

  • in the comment section of the video below, someone called Mr.Hakisak wrote to

  • list of 50 quesions and challenged me to answer each one in 1.5 seconds

  • few hundred people seem to like this idea and never want to back down from a challenge

  • or decided to take it up and answer these 50 questions. I got so many questions.

  • They all seemed pretty random, some a little bit insane, but fifty seconds 1.5 seconds every answer that

  • 75 seconds long or 1 minute 15 seconds. I think to be able to do this, you need to dislocate

  • your face or something. Those who watch these videos know I have a track record for failing

  • challenges, so hopefully I can redeem myself this time. I'm gonna time it and see how we go

  • so here we go. So what are you doing right now? Building a media empire.

  • How many apples do you eat per week? None, I hate apples, everything I stand for.

  • Have you met any nice ladies in Japan (wink wink)? Many. Why are the eggs in Japan white?

  • Culture preference. Any plans for upcoming trips around Japan? Kyuusyuu.

  • Do you walk everywhere or train? I run and train. Orange juice; pulp or non-pulp? Pulp all the way.

  • Any footage of Natsuki's trip to England? See those Monday‘s video. Is there a regular place you

  • go out to eat? McDonalds. If so, can you describe it? Ronald McDonald.

  • Would you ever move to central Tokyo? If I became disgustingly rich or won the lottery twice

  • Do you have a shower in your home? Yes. If so; do you dry yourself whilst still in the shower or do

  • you step outside first? Step out! Do you plan on buying a car whilst in Japan?

  • I did, a Toyota Stallion nice car. How much longer are you going to stay there? Until I met Gangwon Tonami

  • Do you miss your home? No. Are there weeks you wish you were back home? No.

  • How's your internet speed? Surprisingly bad. What are the shopping centers like over there?

  • Excellently stocked. Any weird stories you wish to share? I once saw a man walking his duck through Tokyo.

  • Where do you get your clothes from? Uniqlo. Do you ever run into students during non-school

  • days? Yeah, in McDonalds all the time. If so; do you approach each other?

  • They approached me. If so; what do you end up talking about? How much I like to eat my

  • my McDonald's. How is your day today? Pleasant, but forgettable.

  • Are you ever planning on going to that robot nightclub again? I did, they ruined it.

  • Too family-friendly now. What's that about? Have you ever been in any dangerous situations?

  • Rebel island. Has a stanger ever tried to hit on you? Twice. a week. Twice a week.

  • Do you ever wonder if that person you saw was a man or woman? Both.

  • What browser do you use? Google chrome. What made you use that browser?

  • Convenient. What mobile phone do you have? Iphone 6. How much data do you get a month?

  • No enough. How much does that plan cost? Enough to build a pasture theme park.

  • How much is your internet plan? 3000 ¥ a month. Do you have a tape measure in your house? Yes.

  • How long is it? 3.9 meters. How do I know that? That's weird. Do you have a dish you enjoy and

  • eat regularly? Salmon. How long did it take you to make and edit this video? About an hour and

  • half. Would you buy a motorbike? No, but I rent one. How much would you spend for one?

  • Nothing. Do you have a glass vase in your house? Yes. If so; can you show us? No.

  • What do you do for your birthday? Premium dinner. Do you like pears? Yes, I love pears.

  • What editing software do you use? Adobe premiere. What do you think of Apple devices?

  • Overpriced, but well-designed. How far away does Natsuki live from you? 10 minutes.

  • What mode of transport do you use to go to his house? Car. If you could be a bird, which bird

  • would it be? Um.. a woodcock. Damn it. Almost 2 minutes over, but don't forget this includes

  • reading out the questions as well and they were at least two minutes, so if you think about it.

  • I won this challenge, but I don’t feel like I have won. That's not clear-cut win.

  • Shit!

  • Why do I always fail? I try so hard.

Hey guys, so last week after announcing this new Ask Abroad segment answering questions


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日本留学:3分で50の質問 (Abroad in Japan: 50 Questions in 3 Minutes)

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