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  • The US recently pulled aide from Uganda in response to their President, Yoweri Museveni,

  • making homosexuality a crime, that in some cases, is now punishable by life in prison,

  • which is shocking. But in reading this news about Uganda, I began to realize how little

  • I knew about Uganda. So, I've looked into it and here's everything I found out.

  • First off it is here; landlocked in the middle of Africa.

  • It's official language is English, because it was under

  • British rule from 1894 to 1962, which is a very long time to be under someone else's

  • rule.

  • Even under the best conditions it takes a while to adjust out of that and Uganda has

  • not handled the transition well. The 25 years after the end of British rule

  • were marked by numerous military coups, and various different regimes;

  • the worst being Idi Amin's 9 year tenure as dictator in the 1970's.

  • He killed at least 300,000 Ugandans and decimated their economy. Yes. He's the evil dictator

  • played by

  • Forest Whitaker in The Last King of Scotland.

  • And he was much worse in real life than even the movie depicted. And that is saying something...

  • Because that movie... Yikes.

  • After him, there were a few more coups ending with

  • the current President taking power in 1986. I say taking power, because he became President

  • in a violent takeover.

  • He's been President for 29 years. Early on he was seen as a positive step forward

  • for the country, and was even named a member of the

  • "New Generation of African Leaders" by the West, which was a buzzwordy term in the 90's

  • for African leaders we thought were bringing democracy and basic human rights to the area.

  • And, in reality, with these new laws he's actively going in the opposite direction.

  • Things in Uganda are bad, to say the least.

  • First off, the Ugandan Government is currently fighting a civil war with the Lord's Resistance

  • Army

  • led by Joseph Kony of Kony 2012 fame.

  • Some of you bought t-shirts if I remember correctly. Still wearing it? Cause he's still

  • out there.

  • Plus, Uganda will occasionally go to war/invade the Democratic Republic of Congo and other

  • nations in the region. To top all of this off, they are still one of the world's poorest

  • nations, with common pre-industrialization problems

  • like child labor and human trafficking.

  • That's the backdrop for what's going on socially in Uganda. And it's already a lot of horrible

  • stuff. I'm sad to say that we now have to talk about all the really bad stuff President

  • Museveni is doing.

  • He is most likely rigging elections. He is definitely restricting freedom of assembly,

  • censoring the media, persecuting political opponents, allowing torture and extrajudicial

  • killings by his security forces, and some say, committing

  • acts of genocide against the Acholi people, a minority groupin the north of the country.

  • He's basically doing all the evil dictator stuff. And before he put his name on an anti-gay

  • bill we were sending a lot of aid his way. So, why did he bother signing an anti-gay

  • bill, doesn't he have enough oppression on his plate already?

  • Well, Africa is not the most LGBT friendly place.

  • 38 nations have laws on the books making homosexuality a crime.

  • Uganda has had a law in place against "buggery" since the Colonial British days.

  • And in a recent poll, 79% of people in Uganda support the new harsher law.

  • A lot of the anti-gay sentiments stem from the current HIV epidemic in Uganda, but it

  • also comes from outside forces.

  • One particularly vocal and bigoted outside force to be exact; American Evangelical Christians.

  • Evangelical Christian groups have been going on hate spreading missions to Uganda for years.

  • A man by the name of Scott Lively ran a seminar in Uganda called the "Seminar on Exposing

  • The Homosexuals' Agenda"

  • and it's been reported that this, and other efforts by Evangelical groups have influenced

  • lawmakers to be more aggressively homophobic. And these aren't just claims,

  • Lively is currently being sued by an Ugandan Gay Rights group for inciting the persecution

  • of gay men and lesbians in Uganda.

  • The bottom line is don't move to Uganda. It sucks over there.

The US recently pulled aide from Uganda in response to their President, Yoweri Museveni,


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