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  • Thank you for doing that and be with us.

  • And I appreciate that.

  • That was so much fun, man.

  • I'm not going to see it in the past

  • when you guys send me the email like

  • hey do you want to do The ragtime gals

  • that was like "Oh my god I get to do the ragtime gals"

  • Are you ok to let me introduce now

  • that as you know that's great because you can actually sing an... for years now

  • Thank you!

  • we've... we've done a sync biz(business) together.

  • Well, that sounds a lip sync

  • That's right.

  • You didn't even sing at all.

  • No I didn't get to sing.

  • No one saw that by the way

  • No actually...

  • 50 million hits on Youtube back then

  • Oh I know Jimmy I check it everyday.

  • (laughing)

  • No but actually more people come up to me

  • and say "Oh I love the lip sync more than like Inception or Darkness Arises or 500 Days of Summer

  • That's really funny.

  • More people come up to me and say

  • The Super Bass man!

  • Oh, exactly! Niki Minaj was unbelievable.

  • But now you found a good thing cause you used to be in a band, right?

  • I mean... you know...

  • I was in a high school band when I was 16 and 17

  • Jimmy: I want to know detail. I wanna know...every... Joseph: Enough, that's too embarassing.

  • What's the name of the band?

  • It was not a good band

  • No that's too des(desperate) . Come on you got what it was... what was it... was it one word?

  • It's not even like funny right there

  • They're know(n) wasn't one word.

  • It was called "Foad on the March"

  • Um... silence of course

  • Oh my... Foad on the Ma...

  • What is it mean I'm trying to dig upon any guess

  • It was a kid at our school.

  • He was a kid named Foad

  • We weren't even that close with him

  • I don't know why we named our band our band after him.

  • Did he know that?

  • No. I mean it sounds like our band was popular or anything.

  • Foad didn't know that we think

  • Foad on the March?

  • Yeah, and it's spelled FOAD

  • So everyone if they saw the written would say you know Foad on the March.

  • We're like "it's not Foad, it's Foe-ad"

  • maybe like why Foe-ad

  • We're like "just no breathing, man!" No one understands this!

  • Shut the door mom! Yeah, exactly!

  • We're rehearsing

  • Foad on March~

  • What kind of music was Foad on the March?

  • It was... you know...

  • It was four 16-year-old boys turning their guitars up very loudly and hurting their ears.

  • And having a great time doing it

  • Do you have either original songs or do cover songs?

  • We did both! We had a catalogue of orignals

  • Did you ever play any gigs?

  • We...uh... you know

  • But we played at the Cobalt Cafe out the San Fernando valley

  • uh, yeah...

  • Do I see play the real gig

  • I mean you know like a friend's

  • I mean actually those are kind of best kinds of gig zoke

  • cause you're just doing it for fun and it wasn't like...

  • I love it. It was so much fun

  • What're the original song titles?

  • uh... from the Foad on the March

  • From Foad on the March

  • Well, why would I expect if i got full of seats at the Cobalt Cafe

  • You need to taste a while... There was no seats in Cobalt Cafe

  • Standing room only!

  • I wrote a song calledFido’s Quest for the Meaning of Life

  • um... it was about a dog who died of fleas sucking his blood to death

  • It was the 90s man! We were like into nirvana and stuff.

  • I’m so happy you became an actor.

Thank you for doing that and be with us.


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