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  • Hi! In this video I'm going to show you how raise your vibration and stop attracting negative

  • people into your life. And before that, to master the use of the law of attraction, go

  • and visit my website at Some of us keep complaining, and complaining

  • about why am I manifesting the same clients, the same type of relationships? Why people

  • don't understand me? Why can't I have more success, make more money and everything? And

  • we are not aware how we are blaming outside circumstances for what we are actually creating

  • from within. If you have that lousy client that keeps wanting things for free, don't

  • want to pay you, and you already did the work, it's not the fault or the responsibility of

  • the client. It's actually yours because you were not clear, you were not in authenticity

  • to who you are. If in relationship, you know, you keep repeating attract the abusing man

  • that beats you up, and it's the seventh time you're in a relationship like such, who is

  • the one choosing to go in relationships like that and staying in relationships like that.

  • Is it the guy that beats you up? No. It's you. So to really be free of negative people

  • and negative things, we've got to raise our vibration, and the first step to do that is

  • own 100% the response-ability of your creation. And notice how I choose to use the word responsibility,

  • the response-ability, the ability that you have all of the time to respond to the situations

  • and happenings in your life. A number two thing that is super important is once you

  • assume the full responsibility of your creation, is that to realize that there is no enemy

  • outside of you. I was married before. I've been married twice, and I used to create my

  • former husband as an enemy. I used to create it as the most negative person in life, and

  • he was actually pretty cool. It was all my projections and the stories I was telling

  • in my mind. So when you are thinking there's an enemy outside, the system, the politics,

  • the schools. It's the people. It's the lack of values. Even if that is actually happening,

  • when you give power to outside circumstances for the situations you are creating, you are

  • going to deplete your personal power, and guess what's going to happen. You're going

  • to feel weak. You're going to feel I need to sleep. I need a break. People ask me, Ivonne,

  • how can you go on and on and on and on? Because I love my life so much, and I always choose

  • to surround myself with beautiful things, with beautiful people, and I do things that

  • actually empower me. So, one of the things that empower me to raise my vibration are

  • actually one of the things that are most and is very important in this video, is meditation.

  • You know, one of my teachers, Matthew Peters, said you meditate or you medicate yourself.

  • So I don't want to medicate myself. I hate to even take vitamins, so. I love what meditation

  • brings to me. That helps me. That works for me. Another thing that works for me to raise

  • my vibration when I feel down or when I'm stressed or when I--I'm a mom of three. I

  • home school. I have a very powerful husband that I support too, I have a lot of beautiful

  • clients that I'm required to be in my best to serve, so sometimes--I'm human, and I go

  • down, and I have negative thoughts. What I do is actually get flowers. I make sure my

  • house is in order. You know, it's like I like to clean up. For me it's like therapy. You've

  • got to choose to see what raises your vibration. But the number one thing that helps me raise

  • my vibration, like this, it's like in an instant, is if I grab the phone or I send an e-mail,

  • and I contribute to something or to someone. Like, if someone will send me a random message

  • on Facebook, Ivonne, I don't have money to work with you. I have this issue. If I feel

  • it in my heart that is a person that I can help, I will send a little phrase of something

  • that I know contributes to their happiness or to their good because I'm actually doing

  • a very selfish act. I'm investing in me. I'm investing in my recovery to raise my vibration.

  • And one other things I don't do is I don't get junk food, and when I'm gonna talk about

  • junk food, it's not only food that I eat physically, because food does have energy and affects

  • your whole state of being, but also what I read, what I watch, the TV, the news, the

  • movies. Last night, for example, we were watching a movie that was not very high frequency vibration,

  • and I immediately noticed. And I was like edgy. I end up on a gas station that was,

  • like, I don't even want to tell you, but it was not the highest of frequencies, manifestations

  • that I did. But I noticed that I created, and then I arrived to that place because of

  • what I chose previously to watch on TV, which I rarely ever do. So choose very wisely your

  • environment. Do meditation. Don't eat junk, in any type of form, in thoughts, in what

  • you do, in what you say, in what you read. And actually, you know, a lot of people buy

  • magazines and they think, oh, you know, this is not going to affect me. It's just all those

  • gossip magazines, you are eating energy of a cold food. So be super disciplined and command

  • yourself to raise your vibration by choosing to be 100% responsible of what you do, what

  • you say, what you think, and what you do in your creation. To accelerate your spiritual

  • development as a leader, entrepreneur, or spiritual teacher, go to my website

  • or click on this link, because humanity's urgently needing you to live your mission

  • into its fullest, right now.

Hi! In this video I'm going to show you how raise your vibration and stop attracting negative


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