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  • Pope Francis is visiting the US and people are excited, but what if science is your religion?

  • How should YOU feel about Papa Francis?

  • In the 1950s, Pope Pius the Twelfth wrote that he hoped evolution would "prove to be

  • a passing fad," BUT that it doesn't contradict faith as long as "ensouling" of humans was

  • left to God. Pope John Paul the second said in a 1982 book, that evolution was an "effectively

  • proven fact." AND More recently, Pope Francis said God isn't a magician, and creation lasted

  • millions of years while the evolutionary processes played out. And yet, a 2014 Gallup poll found

  • 42 percent of the American people believe the world was magically created in 7 days,

  • and that we hold dominion to destroy it as we wishThis kind of makes you wonder what

  • religious leaders are really teach us about science

  • The Catholic church has long been party to the scientific community. In the mid-1700s,

  • Pope Benedict the Fourteenth formed academies of science, art and religion, and the Big

  • Bang was originally proposed by Georges Lemaître - a Belgian Cosmologist and Catholic priest!

  • Some religious people are definitely science bros. More recently, Pope John Paul the Second

  • wrote in a letter to the Vatican Observatory, a Church-run telescope dedicated to astronomical

  • research, "Science can purify religion from error and superstition," that "Molecular biologists

  • have probed the structure of living material," showing the, "unity of nature." And with this

  • in mind, "Simple neutrality is no longer acceptable," keeping religion and science exclusive from

  • one another "fosters a fragmented vision of the world."

  • JPII was all SCIENCE AND RELIGION NEEDTA BE BROS, and that was back in 1988! Religious

  • institutions have spent centuries trying to learn more about "God's Creation" through

  • science. Even celebrated scientist Galileo Galilei was offered a place in the Pontifical

  • Academy of Science back in 1610! Of course... the Roman Inquisition later imprisoned him

  • for attempting to reinterpret the Bible, but good times come and go for both science and

  • religion.

  • Before joining the Catholic establishment at 32, Pope Francis was called Jorge Mario

  • Bergoglio and he was much like you or me. He worked as a bouncer in a nightclub, and

  • went to a technical school in Buenos Aires, graduating with something akin to an associate's

  • degree as a chemical technician! POPE FRANCIS IS DOWN WITH SCIENCE TOO.

  • Earlier this year, Pope Francis issued a 98-page plea to all the bishops of the Roman Catholic

  • Church to stop climate destruction. He commented that Christians should care for the environment

  • and admitted that humans affected our changing climate, saying, "most global warming in recent

  • decades is due to the great concentration of greenhouse gases." But, that wasn’t the

  • first time he made a huge splash in the political and scientific communities!

  • In 2014, Pope Francis said, in a conversation with the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, “Evolution

  • in nature is not inconsistent with the notion of creation, because evolution requires the

  • creation of beings that evolve." He went on to say there is evidence for evolution and

  • it is a "reality that we must see and which enriches our understanding of life." He also

  • remarked that the Big Bang is "considered to be the origin of the world." He was clear

  • when he said, these ideas are NOT contradictory to God or the teachings of the Church. This

  • is the Pope, guys.

  • When this happened, there were some collective heads exploding across the spacious skies,

  • amber waves of grain, and on the purple mountain majestiesbecause a select group of Americans

  • have long rallied against these exact messages! And yet, here's a religious leader, acknowledging

  • and accepting them.

  • Perhaps the surprise that a Pope would come out in favor of science, is exacerbated by

  • the fact that only 20 percent of people in a 2013 Pew study knew nitrogen was the most

  • abundant gas in our atmosphere; and only 58 percent knew CO2 causes rising temperatures.

  • Perhaps it's because americans don't science good.

  • Despite his more progressive views on climate change and evolution, Pope Francis' alignment

  • with the Church on contraception, expanding roles for women, and allowing priests to marry

  • hasn't budged.

  • So, whether Pope Francis the most scientific Pope is a solid 'maybe.' Yes, things have

  • changed in the last century, but the Church has definitely been SCIENTIFICALLY FRIENDLY

  • for a few hundred years. Instead, I think, as we've become a more polarized culture;

  • we're simply more surprised to hear agreement with scientific facts from such a powerful

  • religious leader.

  • His outspoken views on science aren’t the only things that make Pope Francis stand out.

  • For more on what makes this pope different from the others, check out this video from

  • our friends at Test Tube news.

Pope Francis is visiting the US and people are excited, but what if science is your religion?


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