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  • No one will ever forget in history that day,

  • the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun, November 4th 1922.

  • After that Lord Carnarvon, less than in a year, he died,

  • inside the tomb, the Shepherd Hotel in Cairo.

  • And we don't know, some people said he was bitten by a cobra,

  • some people said he was bitten by mosquito.

  • You really don't know what is happen, but he died.

  • After his death many people claimed many things,

  • that if you examine each story you will find there is exaggeration of everything.

  • When the tomb was found, the tomb of Tutankhamun,

  • an english reporter translated the text in front of the Anubis shrine wrongly.

  • She said “I will kill anyone who enters inside the tomb”.

  • Means Carter should be killed, Lord Carnarvon should be killedeveryone.

  • But that was not true.

  • That inscription was just a warning inscription, that people didn't want the tomb to be robbed.

  • If you are in a tomb and you close this tomb for 3000 years

  • and inside this tomb there are mummies, organic materials,

  • it will make germs and you can not be safe.

  • Archaeologists in the last two centuries, they were in a hurry.

  • They entered like Indiana Jones, opening sarcophagus, closing things,

  • entering inside the tombs, discovering things.

  • And they did, they were hit by these germs, and they did die.

  • What I do as myself now

  • I have been excavating for 35 years now

  • and I found many tombs full of mummies.

  • When I discover a tomb, I open the tomb for one day,

  • until the bad air will go out and the fresh air will go in.

  • And I never shave, I never shave.

  • Because if you shave, this will be open for any germ to hit you.

  • When I did examine the mummy of Tutankhamun

  • and I did arrive early in the morning to Luxor,

  • stayed in the hotel all day until five o'clock,

  • I left my hotel and my driver met me,

  • the first thing my driver was almost making an accident to kill a child.

  • And everyone said: “The curse of Tutankhamun!”

  • And after that, while I was driving to the Valley of the Kings,

  • I received a phone callon the same dayaround 17.30

  • from my sister to tell me that her husband died.

  • When I arrived in the Valley of the Kings, I made an interview to Japanese TV.

  • One minute after I finished the interview a big storm happened.

  • And it was windy, rain, it was like strange!

  • No one ever believed that anything like this could happen

  • a storm and a heavy rain in the Valley of the Kings.

  • The Japanese were running sayingThe curse, the curse of Tutankhamun!”

  • I was not worried at all about this,

  • but when I took the mummy out and I put it inside this CT scan machine,

  • one minute after that the machine stopped for one hour.

  • The machine was brand new, why the machine would stop?

  • I will tell you: I was sitting, it was like eleven in the evening, thinking.

  • I said to myself: “I never believed in the curse. Now it could be something.”

  • The machine is brand new, nothing ever happened to this machine, why the machine is stopped?”

  • At twelve o'clock, after one hour, the machine did work.

No one will ever forget in history that day,


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キング・ツット - ミイラの呪い (feat. Zahi Hawass) (King Tut - The Curse of the Mummy (feat. Zahi Hawass))

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