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  • You got it! You keep reeling.

  • You still got it?

  • I think I'm gonna drop my pole. (Don't drop it.)

  • You still got it?

  • I can't get it.

  • You keep going! (You need to help me.) You keep going!

  • (You gotta help me.) No, you keep going.

  • You still got it?

  • Yup!

  • Are you sure? Is it comming?

  • Yeah, I think so.

  • It's so hard to get a fish

  • (laughter)

  • You still got it?

  • Keep going.

  • Did I get one?

  • Here it comes!

  • Oh my god! Oh my gosh, Avery!

  • Oh my god! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yeah~~~~~~

  • Come on!

  • Avery!

  • Avery, do you still got it?

  • Oh my god, she's pulling

  • Let it pull. Let it pull.

  • You still got it? Yeah!

  • I need you! I need you!

  • HELP ME!!!!

  • Have you gotten it?

  • Keep reeling.

  • I did! Ahhhhh~~~~

  • Dad, are you making a video?

  • Yes!

  • Keep reeling!

  • Reel, reel, Avery.

  • Reel, reel.

  • You got it?

  • Oh! Oh my gosh, oh my gosh!

  • You okay?

  • Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!


  • OH MY GOSH~~~~

  • Avery! Yes~~~

  • This thing, this thing is 20 inches.

  • Avery, Avery put your hand down there.

  • Okay!

  • Oh my gosh! She's pretty giant!

  • What do you think? Avery, what do you think?

  • Yes~~ I got one! Finally!

  • High five!

You got it! You keep reeling.


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A1 初級

エイブリーが巨大なバスをバービーポールで潰す! (Avery crushes huge bass on barbie pole!)

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