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  • How big is the moon?


  • In the night sky the moon seems rather small, but in reality it really isn’t.


  • Central Europe would easily fit under it.


  • The surface area of the moon is huge.


  • To give you some perspective, it’s as big as the whole European continent, China, the USA, Brazil, and South Africa together.


  • Weight-wise, the moon is only about 1/81th of the mass of Earth, but how big is it in relation to Earth?

    重さで言ったら地球の 81 分の 1 しかありませんが、地球と比べてどのくらいの大きさなのでしょうか ?

  • Quite big actually, our moon is the biggest in the solar system in relation to its planet, and it's the fifth largest moon in the solar system.


  • Quite a bit bigger than the dwarf planet Pluto.


  • Now if the moon is really that huge, how far away is it from us to seem this small in the night sky?


  • 370 km, as far as the ISS maybe?

    370 km、もしかして宇宙ステーションと同じくらいでしょうか?

  • No, at that distance, gravitational forces would rip the moon apart.


  • At 36000 km, it would be as far away as our most distant satellite.

    最も遠い衛星だと 3 万 6000 km離れています。

  • Let's adjust the distance to reality, pretty far away, right?


  • A 747 would need 28 straight days to fly to the moon, and even with our current technology, we'd need two full days.

    アポロ 747 は月へ行くのに 28 日かかり、現在の最新の技術を使っても丸 2 日は必要です。

  • And in a car, a lot of time.


  • So how big is the moon?


  • Well, it kind of depends how you define big, but seriously though, it's pretty big.


  • Hey Youtube, we'll try something new this month, Moon May.

    やぁ、Youtube、今月から新しいことに挑戦するよ、その名も”月の 5 月”だ

  • One video about cool moon stuff each Monday in May.

    5 月は毎週月曜日に月に関するかっこいい動画を投稿するよ。

  • So, see you next week!


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How big is the moon?


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月って実際どれぐらい大きいの?(How Big is the Moon Really? MM#1)

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