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  • JASON SILVA: You know, I love chasing epiphanies.

  • I tell people that to make art is a desire

  • to clothe inspiration, right, to capture

  • the transient, fleeting movements in which

  • the dots connect in a new way.

  • It's this idea that when we are at our most creative,

  • we aren't even really creating.

  • We're channeling.

  • We're transcribing.

  • We are-- we are--

  • [LAUGH]

  • --conduits for something larger than ourselves, to erupt,

  • to express itself through us.

  • We become a medium.

  • We become an instrument being played by some other sentience.

  • You know, this sounds like the musing--

  • the muses, of the madness, of the Greek creative people, who

  • talked about being touched by a hint of madness and something

  • erupting through them, but not from them,

  • and no one is with them, and it belongs not to them.

  • Creativity as a holy act, creativity as divine grace,

  • it allows us to humble.

  • It allows us to succumb, to surrender, to dive in,

  • to lose ourselves.

  • There's something kind of beautiful about that.

  • There's something kind of beautiful about getting out

  • of our own way, right, which people talk

  • about when they talk about flow states and creativity.

  • Oh, my god!

  • When that happens, that is transcendence.

  • That is to be in ecstasy, to be beside ourselves as something

  • comes through.

  • And that's, oh, that's what we're chasing.

  • That's what we're always, always chasing.




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創造性はどこから生まれるのか? (Where Does Creativity Come From?)

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