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  • Going to a NSW government school is just such an amazing thing

  • It gives me confidence

  • a network of friends

  • teaches me how to be more organised

  • being a leader

  • The best thing about studying at a NSW government school was that

  • you felt part of the team

  • When I arrived at my school I felt really welcomed

  • I was part of the group

  • The teachers considered me as a new student

  • that is just come from a different country with a different background

  • but at the same time they treated me equally with the other students

  • which was good

  • The best thing about studying at a NSW government school

  • is the sense of belonging I received

  • from the teachers and friends and classmates

  • The teachers held lots of international students afternoon teas

  • and we could ask questions

  • and if we had any problems they were willing to help

  • That expression of kindness is what actually brings students out of the comfort zones

  • and they actually encourage their will to ask questions

  • I think that's the important fact

  • that help us to ease our path throughout the completion of our HSC

  • It was surprisingly easy to make friends at school

  • and some of them become my best friends

  • accompany me until university and in life now

  • But the best part was the supports that I gained from my teachers

  • my international student coordinator

  • and the career advisor at school

  • My advise to someone who wants to come and study at a NSW government school

  • is aim for a goal

  • and have your eyes fixed on that goal

  • My experience in studying in a NSW government high school

  • it definitely gives me confidence and gives maturity

  • And I guess those factors are really important for me

  • to continue onto next chapter of my life

  • I'm about to study combined Law and Engineering at University of Sydney

  • and I'm excited because I'm going to meet new friends

  • and I'm looking forward to studying there

  • At the moment I'm studying my final year doing Bachelor of Medical Science at University of Technology Sydney

  • Without the foundation that I've got from NSW government school

  • I wouldn't be able to attend a university and doing so well

  • Right now I am studying Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Secondary Education at the University of NSW

  • And I'm very excited to continue onto next stage of my life

  • And in the future

  • I hope I can become a respectful teacher of a NSW government high school

  • Right now I'm doing a double degree in Law and Science Information Technology

  • and I'm looking forward to the future

  • Because I see myself at some time as a lawyer who is working in Australia

  • and someone who is going to serve the people in the same way

  • that they have felt me be in the very place that I am today

  • The students have been nominated by the School Principals for the DEC International Student Award

  • for School Service or Academic Achievement

  • I would like to congratulate all the students with us today

  • Your achievements and contributions are credited to yourselves

  • your schools and your families

  • And I wish you every success in your future studies and careers

Going to a NSW government school is just such an amazing thing


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A2 初級

留学生アワード2015 (International Student Awards 2015)

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