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  • Hello and welcome to a very special Halloween episode of Proko. My name is Stan Prokopenko

  • and for this Halloween episode I decided to draw Jack Skellington. He’s very easy yet

  • very fun to draw. So, let’s have some fun.

  • I’ll start by warming up with some sketches of various expressions. We can do a worried

  • Jack Skellington.

  • Or an angry Jack Skellington. The muscles around the brow ridge will pinch inward and

  • down. And I’ll give him a bit of a snarl.

  • Let’s try one more.

  • I’ll make him happy this time.

  • and I’ll open the mouth a little to show some excitement.

  • add the teeth

  • Jacks got a really fancy bow tie, shaped like a bat with it’s wings out.

  • At first I thought the lines along his lips was stitching, but after looking at some closeups

  • form the movie, I think it’s actually cracking, not stitching.

  • The cracking on the lips is important to get his likeness. Without it he kinda looks like

  • a simple smiley face.

  • Ok, so this one looks good.

  • His basic shape is a sphere, so he will be shaded like one. The core shadow will wrap

  • around the sphere at the planes that are perpendicular to the light source. The eye socket pushes

  • this core shadow out slightly, so I’ll make that adjustment.

  • I’ll shade in the shadows, starting with the eye sockets. And then the shadow on the

  • side of the head, neck, and inside the mouth.

  • I think it’d be better to add some light on the top of his bottom lips to make it more

  • clear that his mouth is open.

  • He’s facing slightly to the left. So in order to add some thickness to the bone between

  • the eye sockets, I need to show a side plane on the left side. So, I’ll outline the actual

  • holes, and fill them in black.

  • Clean up the nose.

  • And darken the mouth.

  • I still need to add some value to the bow tie, which is stripped.

  • Clean up the core shadow.

  • And just for fun lets add some rim light from the right side

  • Add some more details with halftone values. I think about the planes which face directly

  • at the light, and as they turn away, I’ll gradate towards a halftone.

  • Add some light planes on the indentations of the cracking.

  • Finally I’ll clean up some edges

  • and add details.

Hello and welcome to a very special Halloween episode of Proko. My name is Stan Prokopenko


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ジャック-スケリントンを描く - ハロウィーンスペシャル (Draw Jack Skellington - Halloween Special)

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