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  • The tragic fall of Shurima was nothing...

  • compared to the tragedy of its rise from the grave.

  • In a market on the edge of the desert, a stranger appears.

  • Cassiopeia, a noblewoman of Noxus, looking to hire a guide to take her to the fabled lost city.

  • But not just any guide. She hires the owner of a legendary ancient blade.

  • The mercenary called Sivir.

  • Sivir gathers her band of sell-swords,

  • and they set out into the desert to find the buried bones of Shurima.

  • Five days beneath the broiling sun, a scout spots towers jutting from the dunes,

  • and a stairway leading underground.

  • They climb down into the darkness...

  • Ancient treasures gleam in the torchlight.

  • Even Sivir is astonished at the grandeur of the ruins.

  • Her men head deeper in...

  • only to stumble into traps, and be eviscerated.

  • Sivir is stunned with horror, but Cassiopeia does not flinch.

  • She sees only the statue of a huge serpent,

  • silently guarding the door to the Tomb of the Emperors... and smiles.

  • The ancient weapon is a key.

  • Cassiopeia betrays Sivir!

  • She picks up Sivir’s blade - puts it into the lock.

  • The Guardian’s curse is triggered.

  • The stone serpent comes alive!

  • It pins Cassiopeia in its jaws.

  • The venom sears her flesh like acid.

  • The tomb door opens.

  • Renekton emerges, the brother I loved and locked away, twisted beyond insanity.

  • Followed by Xerath, the architect of his torment.

  • My failure... is complete.

  • Sivir drags herself away, lifeblood flooding from her wound...

  • and then, succumbs to darkness...

  • Behold, Shurima’s legacy.

The tragic fall of Shurima was nothing...


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B2 中上級

修羅場。墓場への降下 (Shurima: Descent into the Tomb)

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