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  • At least twenty people died in a recent attack in Chechnya's capital of Grozny. Terrorists

  • attacked a police post and then stormed a secondary building. This comes on the

  • heels of an attack last October when a suicide bomber killed five police officers and wounded

  • twelve others. Many news outlets have reported these attacks are being carried out by Islamic

  • militants. So, what exactly is going on in Chechnya?

  • Well first off, Chechnya is a predominantly Muslim republic under Russian control that

  • has

  • been at conflict with Russia for almost 200 years, including two recent wars between Russia

  • and Chechen separatists that left over a hundred and fifty thousand dead. The

  • Chechen separatist movement started as a secular nationalist movement but has since shifted

  • to a religious movement. While the First Chechen War in 1994 was largely a secular fight for

  • independence against Russia, the Second Chechen War in 1999 was sparked by Islamic

  • backed Chechen troops invading the neighboring Russian republic of Dagestan

  • in the hopes of establishing a new Islamic State.

  • By the Second Chechen War it was very clear that Chechen rebel groups were less

  • nationalist and more closely tied to the ideals of jihad and an Islamic State. This includes

  • reported visits of al-Qaeda leaders and soldiers to Chechnya and some Chechen rebels

  • traveling to Afghanistan to train with al-Qaeda and the Taliban. There have also been reports

  • that Osama bin laden helpedfuel the flames in Chechnyawith weapons and money.

  • From there, Chechen radicalism only grew. In 2002, terrorist actions by Islamist Chechen

  • rebels resulted in the deaths of 115 people when the group, led by Islamic militant leader

  • Shamil

  • Basayev, attacked a theatre. And in 2004 the same group also

  • took over a Russian school resulting in the deaths of at least 335 people, most of which

  • were

  • children.

  • Now, Chechen jihadist fighters are spreading out to fight in other countries including

  • Iraq

  • and Turkey. The Economist reports that close to a thousand Chechen militants traveled to

  • fight

  • with ISIS. In fact, one man, known asOmar the Chechen,” has become the face of ISIS

  • and is

  • being looked at as one of the groups leaders in Syria. Although there are reports he has

  • been

  • killed.

  • The fear now is that these same ISIS fighters are returning home and bringing a new wave

  • of

  • violence to Chechnya. A new group has formed, calling themselves the Caucasus Emirate led

  • by a notorious Chechen jihadist leader. They are taking responsibility for the latest attacks,

  • as

  • well as two separate Moscow subway bombings, and numerous threats leading up to the 2014

  • Sochi Olympic Games. So now, not only are Chechen rebels fighting for an independent

  • state

  • against Russia, but also as part of a bigger, global jihad movement.

  • For more on the rise of ISIS and what’s being done to combat them, check out our playlist

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At least twenty people died in a recent attack in Chechnya's capital of Grozny. Terrorists


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