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  • My name is Mike Jones, and I'm a barista at Third Rail Coffee right by Washington Square

  • Park in New York City. I'm going to teach you some basic coffee-making skills.

  • I'm going to show you how to make Pour-Over Iced Coffee using the Chemex. Now this is

  • a really delicious way of making Iced Coffee because it maintains the acidity and all the

  • exciting flavors that you can find in the bean, as well as being cold and refreshing.

  • So what I've done is already pre-wet the filter to get that paper taste out like I did with

  • the hot Chemex. Then I added some ice to the base. Now what you use is one quarter of the

  • total amount of water that you're going to want to use as the ice. So for instance, if

  • I wanted to use 400 grams of water when brewing a Chemex, I would use 100 grams of ice and

  • 300 grams of hot water. So I'm doing this on a scale to make it easier. You definitely

  • don't need one, it just simplifies your life. I'm going to go ahead and grind the beans.

  • I'm using 23 grams or 3 even tablespoons. So you're going to want to grind slightly

  • finer than you did with the hot Chemex, just a little bit though. The reason for this is

  • since you're using less water, you want to extract more out of the beans. With the finer

  • grind, there's less surface area, so it extracts faster. Alright, so I'm going to go ahead

  • and get some hot water ready. If you're using a tea kettle on the stove, you just want to

  • let it sit for a little bit off the boil. Water for brewing coffee should be around

  • 200 degrees. So I'm going to start off by adding just enough water to wet the grounds.

  • And let it sit for 30 seconds. And for the ice I like to give it a stir right after adding

  • that first amount of water. Again, this is because since we're using less water, we want

  • to make sure we're still extracting the same amount out of the coffee. And by adding turbulence,

  • that speeds up extraction. So after 30 seconds, go ahead and add the rest of the water. You're

  • just going to be pouring slow concentric circles, rotating out but never pouring down the actual

  • wall of the filter. And then finishing up right in the center. So once we've added the

  • water, we're going to give it one more stir, just making an X and then two full stirs.

  • Then we wait for it to drain. With this method, the ice at the bottom will actually completely

  • melt once it's finished brewing into there. And then you'll transfer it over a cup full

  • of ice. Alright, so once it's finished, we're gonna take that filter off. Want to make sure

  • we don't let the grounds in there dry out. Then just kind of swirl the chemics around,

  • melting the rest of the ice. Now you can use this method with any number of Pour-Over devices,

  • but it's especially great with the Chemex because it's all contained. And then you just

  • pour over a glass full of ice. You can give it a stir or swirl just to make sure it's

  • perfectly chilled. Then you have some nice Pour-Over Iced Coffee.

My name is Mike Jones, and I'm a barista at Third Rail Coffee right by Washington Square


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