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  • Where were you on the night of July 27th HMM? HMMMMM turns out the very act of remembering

  • might make you forget. And that’s not a bad thing.

  • Hey guys, Julia here for DNews

  • Scientists have known for a while that humans have terrible memories. Memories can change

  • over time and we can even remember things that never happened. Weve talked about

  • this a bunch on the show, check out some links in the description for those episodes.

  • We know memory sucks, but science hasn’t been sure why we forget things at all. Is

  • it a passive thing that just happens? Well it turns out forgetting is a pretty active

  • process. Your brain does it on purpose and in a couple of different ways.

  • New research published in the journal Nature Neuroscience found that by actively recalling

  • an event, related memories might be forgotten. The researchers asked participants to look

  • at images and to recall them several times. MRI scans reveled that as the participants

  • remembered the images, competing memories initially fired up too, but then became suppressed.

  • And that might be a good thing. That way, when I for example, talk about fine China

  • for a dinner party, you don’t immediately think of the country.

  • The researchers think maybe these new findings couldbe incredibly useful when trying

  • to overcome a negative memory from our past”.

  • So forgetting might be a good thing, it actually might make us remember other memories. But

  • how does that happen? What’s going on in the brain? Another study published in the

  • journal Cell, found a specific protein that might be responsible for forgetting.

  • The so-called musashi protein helps build connections between neurons called synapses,

  • where information is passed between them. The researchers genetically modified ringworms

  • to not produce this protein. Both regular and modified ringworms seem to learn the same,

  • but over time, the musashi-less worms remembered better.

  • The researchers think the protein aids in forgetting by stopping the stabilization of

  • synaptic connections. Basically when you learn something new, new connections are made between

  • neurons. Some proteins make these connections strong and more stable, but this musashi protein

  • actively disrupts this process, making the ringworms, and maybe other animals, forgetful.

  • The researchers think this might help the nervous system retains its plasticity and

  • that if it didn’t you could develop serious mental disorders.

  • Another study published in the journal Neuron found that right as we form a memory we are

  • also forgetting it. The study looked at brains in fruit flies to see how it works. They found

  • that dopamine helps form a memory and helps us forget it. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter

  • that does a lot of things in the brain, especially with reward, pleasure and learning.

  • The researchers found that as dopamine is released in the brain it first acts on one

  • receptor called dDA1 which helps memories form. After a memory solidifies, dopamine

  • is still being released but this time it acts on another receptor called DAMB which starts

  • to chip away at the memory unless something significant is attached to it, in the case

  • of the flies, that might be a sweet smell or an electric shock. The process of solidifying

  • a memory from a short term to long term is called consolidation.

  • The researchers think this mechanism might be why savants have such extraordinary memories.

  • Maybe it’s not that they have a better memory but that they worse forgetting mechanisms.

  • And that could be beneficial! It might help us remember the more important things and

  • keep us from being overwhelmed by the bad things and the not so important things, like

  • certain exes.

  • Anyways, before we go on a trip down memory lane, do you love DNews? We want to hear from

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  • As always thanks for watching!

  • So do you have any memories you’d rather forget? Let us know in the comments below

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Where were you on the night of July 27th HMM? HMMMMM turns out the very act of remembering


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