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It gets really hard to feel successful, when a lot of things are variables in your life.
Ugh, cause I don't think I'm, you know, in a job that I want to be doing for the rest of my life necessarily.
I would say that I'm insecure, like you know, if people say things like "oh you can't do it," you know "you're not good enough to do it."
In family is where she finds her greatest success.
I just know that she will forever be there for me as cheesy as that sounds.
It's been kind of hard cause I don't have my dad around, so she has to be like the father figure also.
I had great success until right when he was born and then I made a conscious choice to stop what I was doing.
One of my favorite things about him is that he's never satisfied with mediocre or less than a hundred and ten percent.
Is it only one to ten?
Ten is high, one is low?
Say eleven out of ten.
Eleven out of ten?
She just has so much fun in life.
Do you know what this number is signifying?
No, no.
This is how successful I think you are.
He would define his own success as not just like making it, you know, having money, cars because he has something to offer in this world.
I am in shock. As a successful person? Or a mother?
She just makes living with her so much fun.
What I think about her pursuing her dreams?
I support it, fully.
I think that she is one of the most talented girls I've ever met.
Was that for me?



あなたは思っている以上に成功している (You Are More Successful Than You Realize)

59998 タグ追加 保存
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