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  • Greetings. You guys know that I love texture in my hair and I normally have some kind of

  • texture going on at any given moment. So today I'm gonna be showing you three different

  • hairstyles. So instead of just wearing your hair down with texture which I really love,

  • you can play around with it a little bit and create some new hairstyles that are super

  • easy to do and they all work with shorter length hair which is awesome because I am

  • in the shorter hair club. There's a little bit of wave going on, you have lots of texture

  • and body and it just looks really effortless and you don't have to use a curling iron

  • or anything like that. And I just love the feminine look that it creates. So yeah, I

  • hope you guys are ready 'cause here we go. I started off using the Dove Intensive Repair

  • shampoo and conditioner. These help strengthen your hair and they also help prevent split

  • ends and any kind of other breakage. Now I'm just gonna follow up with the TRESemmé Perfectly

  • Undone Wave Creating Sea Foam. Recently this has been one of my favorite ways to create

  • soft and natural movement in my hair. I love it and have been using it a ton recently.

  • So with this first look I'm going to take two sections of my hair on each side and you can

  • part your hair whichever way you like, I just went with a side part today. And all you have

  • to do is just basically braid the sections back. And since you're gonna be connecting

  • these pieces at the end it's really helpful if you braid your hair towards the back of

  • your head to avoid any kind of weird bumps that you might get along the way. And then

  • all you have to do is just secure them in the back of your head. And if you overlap

  • them it really kind of creates this crown look which is really cool. And you can just

  • pull apart the braids to add a little bit more of that messy texture. This just makes everything

  • more laid back and less structured which is awesome because you don't have to worry

  • about making everything perfect. And on top of that this looks like Pinterest hair to me without

  • all of the effort that sometimes has to go into Pinterest hair.

  • So now for the second hairstyle I'm starting off with two sections of my hair and within

  • those sections I'm gonna create an additional two sections. All you have to do is take those

  • two pieces and twist them around each other so you get a really cool twisty look. And

  • as you move along you're gonna grab pieces of hair, kind of like you do with a French

  • braid only this is kind of like a French twist and it's a lot easier. So if you're someone

  • that can't French braid or you have difficulty with it or you just don't have time, this is an

  • awesome alternative. After finishing each section, I like to secure the ends with a bobby

  • pin so the twists don't come undone. So that way you can pull them back together and

  • then just tie them with a little elastic in the back. And that's it and it's a super cute

  • hairstyle that really takes advantage of the texture in your hair.

  • Okay, time for the last look and this one is going to be an updo. So for this I'm

  • gonna start with the top third of my hair and I'm just going to twist it around itself.

  • And if you want to add even more volume, something that you can do is like back combing with your

  • fingers. So you just take your fingers and push back on the twist and that's it. Then

  • I'm just gonna take that twist and tuck it under and secure it with a bobby pin. Then

  • I take the next third of hair and do the exact same thing, pinning it underneath the first section.

  • If you're having a little bit of trouble securing it, you can always cross your bobby pins in

  • an X, so it helps hold everything in place. And yep- you guessed it, same thing with the last piece.

  • This one can be a little bit tricky since usually you have little crazy hairs at the

  • bottom. But that's why we're using bobby pins so you can use as many as you need.

  • And here we go, we have an awesome updo that looks like it took a ton of time but it

  • really didn't. And you can dress it up, you can dress it down. If you're having a bad hair

  • day, this is a great way to pull everything back and just a fun, different way to wear your hair.

  • Alright, that is gonna be it for today.

  • I hope you guys enjoyed learning how to texturize your hair a little bit. And as always if you

  • try any of these hairstyles yourself you know I wanna see your photos on Twitter and Instagram.

  • So you can tag me in your photos and tweet them to me and I will see them and like them

  • and love them and cherish them forever. Also, don't forget to subscribe to the All Things

  • Hair US Youtube channel for even more hair tips and tutorials from me and some of my friends.

  • So that is it. I'm going to peace out now. Hope you guys are having an awesome day. Bye!

Greetings. You guys know that I love texture in my hair and I normally have some kind of


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