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hey guys today I want to tell you about a few things that help me survive a long haul flight
First off I should note that all of the long haul flights I've been on in the
past, like, four years I've been traveling alone so when I'm on a
shorter flight which is usually on a smaller plane, i like to sit by the window
and when I'm on a bigger plane, that has a block of seats down the middle
I like to sit in the aisle of that block because that way I figure that only one person has to get out
from beside you and you can get up and walk around whenever you want
I just don't like disturbing people and I feel a bit claustrophobic if I have to ask someone to move so that
I can get up out of my seat
As I'm sure you all know, airport security is really annoying these days because they don't let you
take a bottle of water through the security gates
But what I do is carry an empty one
and then I fill it up once I'm through security and into the departure lounge
Or if there's not a drinking tap there I ask the air hostess to fill it up for me on the plane
it's really important to drink lots of water on a long-haul flight because you'll get
really dehydrated and your skin will dry out, the more water you drink the better you'll feel when you finish your journey
along with an empty water bottle, I always have a change of clothes in my carry-on
most of the long haul flights I've done recently have been
from New Zealand to Europe and that's about twenty four hours, if not more, of
traveling on several different flights so I like to carry a change of clothes that I can
change midway through and
freshen up a bit, and just feel a bit more normal. like I'm not spending a whole day
in a metal thing, flying through the sky with strangers
And speaking of changing clothes, I have been known to actually change into pyjama pants on a plane
I'm talking literally get up out of my seat, on the plane,
go into the bathroom and put my pajama pants on. I just feel more comfortable that way and I
think it kinda helps me sleep as well so if you wanna as well I think go ahead and
don't even worry about what other passengers think of you. another thing to make sure you take
with you
on a long haul flight is hand sanitiser. i know it sounds really nerdy but
just think about how many different people have sat in your seat and touched the arm rest, or the controllers
Put some hand sanitiser on and there will be less chance of you getting sick
Another thing I always bring is my own headphones. I just really hate the ones they give you on the plane
I find them really uncomfortable, and they don't sit very well on my
ears and they dig in a bit and also obviously because they're not noise cancelling
you're gonna hear all the movies you're gonna watch on this long haul flight but much better if you have
your own headphones
I've got one of these little adaptor things because some planes split out the left and right
channels so
you're gonna need one of these if you want to hear the sound through both ears. they only cost like a dollar or so
from a technology store so pick one up just in case the plane you're on doesn't have a single socket
lastly I'm kind of a nerd who loves airports and love planes so
I just try to make the most the the trip and watch lots of movies and try and enjoy the meals
cos I'm a weirdo who actually kinda likes plane food, and I'll always take the drink
or the ice cream
or the fruit that the cabin crew are offering when they walk by because I figure I paid for this
trip so I want to make most of it
I'm heading off on a long haul flight in two weeks time so if you've been travelling yourself and
have any other
tips you could possibly share with me to make the journey a bit better then please leave them in the comments
gives this video a thumbs up if you're looking forward to more in my travel series which I'm
sure is gonna get pretty exciting
once I actually start travelling. make sure you subscribe to my channel so you can be
updated when I post a new video
and I will see you in the next one. bye guys
On the aisle of that row...
and when I'm on a bigger plane that has an aisleasdhjfv




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