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  • Hi, my name is Rebecca. And in today's lesson I'm going to give you some basic information about the TOEIC exam.

    こんにちは、私の名前はレベッカです。今日のレッスンでは、TOEIC に関する基本知識を紹介します。

  • So let's look at some of the questions I've written on the board and that way you'll have some basic information about this exam.

    私がホワイトボードに書いた質問を一緒に見てみましょう。そうすることで、あなたも TOEIC に関する基本知識を知ることができます。

  • So first of all, what is the TOEIC? The TOEIC stands for Test of English for International Communication.

    まず最初に、TOEIC とは何でしょう?TOEIC は Test of English for International Communication(=国際的なコミュニケーション英語の能力テスト)の略です。

  • That means that really the TOEIC is an exam that measures business English,

    ですから、TOEIC とはビジネス英語、

  • your knowledge of business English or English used in the workplace.


  • It's a very popular English proficiency exam.


  • It's taken by about 5 million people every year and maybe 10,000 companies or so use the results of this exam, to help them decide whether to give people a job.

    毎年 500 万人の人々がこのテストを受け、およそ 1 万社の企業がテストのスコアを用い、採用の際の基準にしています。

  • So very often they request that students, or rather job applicants, put the results of their exam on their resume, so that they can judge what their level of English is, okay?


  • And that will also help you to understand some of the answers to the other questions that we have.


  • So what does the TOEIC exam measure?

    TOEIC は何を測るの?

  • The TOEIC measures your ability to read, write, speak, and understand English as it's used in the workplace.

    TOEIC は仕事場で使われる英語の読解、ライティング、スピーキング、読解能力を測るテストです。ですから、基本的に、

  • So it's basically testing your knowledge of quite basic and fundamental business English, all right?


  • It's not general English. It's not academic English, as is tested on the TOEFL, for example.

    ただの一般英語ではありません。TOEFL のような学術的な英語でもありません。

  • It's really about general and business English, or English used in the workplace.


  • Why do people take it? Well, as I mentioned before, people take the TOEIC exam for several reasons.

    なぜ、みんな TOEIC を受けるのか?先ほども述べましたように、TOEIC を受ける理由は様々です。

  • They take it first of all to get a job, because many employers do request the results of the


  • TOEIC exam from job applicants. Many people also take this exam in order to get a get a promotion, for example.

    TOEIC のスコアを要求するからです。多くの人は職場で昇進するためにも TOEIC を受けます。

  • And some others take it to get a visa.

    ビザ獲得のために TOEIC を受ける人もいます。

  • For example, I believe now in the UK that spouses of people who have applied, may submit their TOEIC scores as a way to get a visa, okay?

    例えば、今イギリスでは、ビザ申請した人の配偶者は TOEIC スコアを提示することで、ビザを獲得することができます。

  • Where is it popular? Well, originally the

    TOEIC はどこでよく受けられている?本来は、

  • TOEIC was most popular in Japan and Korea.

    TOEIC は日本と韓国でよく受けられていましたが、

  • Now the popularity of the TOEIC has really spread to other places around the world, including India where it has taken off quite well, as well as in North America, in South America, really more in South America, and also parts of Europe.

    TOEIC の需要は世界中のいたるところに及び、インドでは大変定着し、それから北アメリカと特に南アメリカ、ヨーロッパの一部の国々にも広がりました。

  • So in most places today you can take this exam.

    今は TOEIC はほとんどの地域で受けることができます。

  • Now how many kinds are there? Well, when we talk about the TOEIC exam, originally the

    TOEIC には何種類あるか? TOEIC は本来

  • TOEIC exam was a relatively short two-hour exam, and it tested only listening and reading skills, all right?


  • So it was quite different from exams like the IELTS or exams like the TOEFL, which tested all four skills.

    4 つの能力全てを測るための IELTS や TOEFL とはかなり異なるテストでした。

  • When it started in the '70s, and until quite recently, it only was a test of listening and reading.

    70 年代に開始されてからつい最近まで、TOEIC はリスニングと読解だけのテストでした。

  • However since then, many employers said that that's not really enough.


  • It's not enough to know about only listening and reading skills.


  • They also wanted to know about speaking and writing skills.


  • So ETS, the organization that created this exam, created a second version,

    そこで、TOEIC を創った組織 ETS は第2版を作り、

  • a second section of this exam, which is a separate exam of speaking and writing skills.


  • So today there are two exams that are considered part of the TOEIC.

    ですから今日、TOEIC には2つの異なるテストが含められています。

  • One is the original Listening and Reading exam, and the second one is the Speaking and Writing exam, which is relatively newer, and they are separate exams.


  • They are not taken at one time. They are taken separately and sometimes even on separate dates, all right?


  • When I come back in a moment I'm going to tell you a little bit more about each of those exams.


  • Okay, so now let's look at the two different exams that are part of the TOEIC, all right?

    それでは、TOEIC の中に含まれる異なる2つのテストを見てみましょう。

  • The first, as I mentioned, is the Listening and Reading exam.


  • And the listening is about 45 minutes long. There are approximately 100 questions or so.

    リスニングはおよそ 45 分ほどです。およそ 100 問の問題があります。

  • It varies, depending on which exam you're doing.


  • And the accents might be British, American, Australian, Canadian. It's a mix of accents that you listen to.


  • And the tasks start off easy, and they get a little bit harder as you go along.


  • The reading section of the exam is about 75 minutes long and also you have about 100 questions.

    テストの読解問題の部分は、およそ 75 分で同じくおよそ 100 問ほどの問題があります。

  • But what you have is short reading sections, or texts, or it could be an advertisement or a memo, or an email or something like that.

    しかし、内容は、短い読解本文、広告やメモ、または e メールなど様々です。

  • And after each one there are approximately four or five questions, not usually more than that.


  • So it's not like you have a lot of questions about a long text.


  • You'll have many, many, short texts, with a few questions after that.


  • So that's the TOEIC Listening and Reading exam. It's a paper-and-pencil exam.

    以上が TOEIC のリスニングと読解テストです。紙と鉛筆によるテストです。

  • It's not an internet-based exam. The TOEIC Speaking and Writing exam is an internet-based exam.

    インターネット上で受けるテストではありません。TOEIC のスピーキングとライティングのテストはインターネット上で受けるテストです。

  • You do it on the internet and the speaking section of that lasts for about 20 minutes.

    インターネット上でテストを受け、スピーキングの部分はおよそ 20 分ほどあります。

  • You don't meet an actual examiner. You are given question prompts,


  • and you'll have to wear a headphone and microphone, and you'll record your answer.


  • And that answer is then reviewed and evaluated by TOEIC examiners, and then you're given a score.

    答えは TOEIC の試験官によって審査・評価され、スコアが与えられます。

  • So you have 20 minutes, and you have about 11 different tasks or questions that you are given.

    テスト時間は 20 分で、およそ 11 問の課題・問題が与えられます。

  • You are graded on your pronunciation, your grammar, your vocabulary, and also the content of your answer.


  • That means: did your answer give the response that was required?


  • Did you talk about what they asked or did you talk about something else altogether?


  • Did you understand the question? That's what they really want to know, all right?


  • So that's the speaking part of the exam.


  • And after that is the writing part of the exam, which lasts for about one hour, you have a number of different tasks there.


  • You have about seven tasks that you must do in half an hour and then the last half an hour, you have one more task, which is an essay.

    最初の 30 分以内に終えなければならない7問の課題・問題に加え、残りの 30分で最後の課題であるエッセーを書きます。

  • You have to write an essay of about 300 words in half an hour, so altogether the writing section of the exam, of the TOEIC exam, is 60 minutes.

    30 分で約 300 語のエッセーを書く必要があり、TOEIC のライティング問題は合わせて 60 分です。

  • And you're also graded on things like how thorough your answer is, how correctly you write, your grammar, your vocabulary, and of course, the content of what you write.


  • So here I've given you some of the basics of the TOEIC exam. For more information,

    以上で TOEIC の基礎知識についていくつかご紹介しましたが、さらに詳しくは、

  • for a complete free guide, actually, to the TOEIC exam, please visit our website. It's

    TOEIC についての無料の手引きもありますので、 をご覧ください。

  • I'll write it for you.


  • Okay, so Thank you very much for watching, です。ご視聴ありがとうございました、

  • and I wish you all the best with your exam. Bye for now.



Hi, my name is Rebecca. And in today's lesson I'm going to give you some basic information about the TOEIC exam.

こんにちは、私の名前はレベッカです。今日のレッスンでは、TOEIC に関する基本知識を紹介します。


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