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- Wassup everybody, it's your boy Zack Evans
I'm here at Buzzfeed and I'm gonna
make my coworkers rap battle. (air horn sounds)
Yo Chris, have you ever freestyle rap battled before?
- Yes.
- Do you want to rap battle?
- I do not want to rap battle.
- All right, Quinta, Chris,
round one, let's do this.
So here's a couple rules I'm gonna lay down for you guys.
You get 10 points just for like, flow.
- 2 points for every time you cuss.
You get +2 if you mention a trending topic.
Duke, Zayn Malik, Eyebrows, Cats & Dogs, and Taxes.
So if you mention one of those, that's +2 points for you.
You guys got it?
- I'm 'bout to kill my competition like Duke Wisconsin,
you be missin'
Quinta you be missin'
Ya family be looking like
where is Quinta, I don't know, she's five feet
under you cooking.
I got the heater on my lap.
I bleeped it out, what was that?
Bring it back, my man looking at me
like can Chris rap?
Imma tell you something, yes I'm black
and I can rap.
- My eyebrows on fleek, like Zayn Malik.
Your hair's nappy, and trashy
just like this beat.
Do your taxes, are you rappin'?
Are you shining your feet?
Get some new shoes.
What you tryin' to defeat?
You got your camera out?
You need to tape this?
Put it away while I just bake this.
(airhorn sounds)
- Quinta you just won a rap battle.
What are you gonna do next?
- Imma go to the kitchen and get a cup of noodles.
- You ready?
- Is Ned ready?
- Oh (bleep) yeah I'm ready mother (bleep).
Ya arms look weak, have you even been lifting?
What's your next video?
Weak (bleep) toupee 15?
Yo, I'm hot like Duke,
I'm fresher than a airplane on that chuke.
That's what I'm sayin'
Chris you can't fight me,
I'm a ivy league gangster and I'm ready to fight ye.
- I'm hoppin' in here right on the same beat,
Imma rap for you so let's call this a treat.
My mom says I need to smile more,
I said mom Duke winnin' final 4!
Yeah, look.
I'll get an erection lookin' right here at my own reflection.
Ned you should leave right now,
I call that (bleep) a One Direction.
That's a Zayn Malik reference, ya see it?
Eyebrows that's the next thing I'll be fleekin.
My eyebrows on fleek.
Don't really know what that phrase means.
- Now for the main battle.
- Yo wassup Daysha. - Oh, my God.
- Are you interested in freestyle rap battling someone?
- No!
- Pick your opponent.
- Has A.I. been done?
So I'm challenging you to a rap battle.
- M.C. Giggles, let's do this!
- My name is Daysha but I don't know who Zane is.
Zayn Malik.
But my eyebrows are on fleek. - Whoo!
I don't know stop this beat!
(laughs) - Oh!
- Talk about Zayn Malik.
You think your eyebrows are on fleek.
Did you hear about Duke?
Your face makes me want to puke.
(airhorn sounds) - Oh!
How do you feel?
- Pretty accomplished.
- Comment, who you think was the greatest M.C. at Buzzfeed.
- You already know when I walk up in the door,
they be sayin' Zachy Zacho he just got that stupid flow.
When I step right on the floor,
it's like you, you gotta go.
'Cause you know what Zach Evans
and I'm about to steal the show.
- That's right, here we go now.
Here we go now.
Cats and dogs,
you a frog.



Co-Workers Rap Battle Each Other

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lucky小如 2016 年 1 月 26 日 に公開
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