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  • -Those are my files. -Yeah. We had them couriered over.

  • Listen, good work. They're a great start.

  • We'll just spend some time filling in the holes in your research.

  • Excuse me-- Theresa, is it? There are no holes in my research.

  • There are things we need you probably didn't know to ask.

  • Don't talk to me like I'm an idiot.

  • I spent 1 8 months on this case...

  • ...and I know more about the plaintiffs than you ever will.

  • You don't even have phone numbers.

  • Whose number do you need?

  • Everyone's. We need to be able to contact the plaintiffs.

  • I said whose number do you need?

  • You don't know 600 numbers by heart.

  • Annabelle Daniels.

  • Annabelle Daniels. 71 4-454-9346.

  • Ten years old. Lived on the plume since birth.

  • Wanted to be a synchronized swimmer, so she spent every minute in the pool.

  • They detected a tumour in her brain.

  • An operation shrunk it, with radiation after that.

  • Her parents are Ted and Rita.

  • Ted's got Crohn's disease. Rita has headaches and underwent a hysterectomy.

  • Ted grew up in Hinkley. His brother and his wife and their kids...

  • ...Robbie Jr., Martha, Ed, Rose and Peter also lived on the plume.

  • Their number is 454-9554.

  • You want their diseases?

  • I think we got off on the wrong foot.

  • That's all you got, lady, two wrong feet in fucking ugly shoes.

-Those are my files. -Yeah. We had them couriered over.


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醜い靴を履いた二人の間違った足-エリン・ブロッコビッチ (7/10) ムービー・クリップ (2000) HD (Two Wrong Feet in Ugly Shoes - Erin Brockovich (7/10) Movie CLIP (2000) HD)

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