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  • So if you're sitting comfortably, I will tell you the story.

  • A long time ago, in one of those times when there were palaces, not with politicians and

  • dictators, but real emperors. Emperors who were there because they were smart, they

  • were wise, they were strong and very effective rulers.

  • And, it just happened that the emperor was away on some sort of business. And in his

  • absence, a monster came in. It was a demon. Ugly, frightening, terrifying.

  • And because this monster was so frightening, all of the soldiers, guards and people who

  • were supposed to stop visitors coming in at the wrong time - they froze in terror, allowing

  • this monster to walk right into the centre of the palace, and sit on the Emperor's throne.

  • And when that monster sat down on the Emperor's chair, that was going too far.

  • So the guards came to their senses, said "Get out of here! You don't belong! Who do

  • you think you are?! That is our Emperor's chair, you can't sit in there."

  • And, at those few unkind words, and unkind deeds, that monster grew an inch bigger. More

  • frightening, more smelly, and more offensive. And that really upset all the people in the palace.

  • They got out their swords, they clenched their fists, "if you don't move your butt, we'll

  • carve it out with our swords, get out of here! Quick!" But every unkind word, unkind deed, even unkind

  • thought, the monster grew an inch bigger every time, more ugly, more stinky, and the language

  • got worse. And this had been going on a long time, when

  • eventually the Emperor came back. And he came back into his palace, into his throne hall,

  • and he saw this incredibly big, frightening monster there. It was so big, it took up most

  • of the throne room. Huge. Talk about fat and obese. That monster, I've got nothing on that

  • monster. The only reason I'm putting on weight by the way is because Buddhism is expanding,

  • so am I. Anyway back to the monster. This was one fat monster.

  • And, he was so ugly, I mean really frightening, as I said in the story, even

  • the great Steven Spielberg, with all the resources of Dreamworks, could not manufacture something

  • so frightening. I've never seen Alien. But people say that's the most frightening monster

  • in the movies. Is it? I don't know, but this monster was hundred

  • times as frightening as the Alien. It was terrifying.

  • And as for the stench, coming off this monster, it smelled so bad that the maggots crawling

  • over his body threw up - they were sick. They vomited.

  • And the language, the language of this monster was worse, much worse, than you'd hear in

  • Northbridge after the West Coast Eagles (an Australian football club) got beaten.

  • It was one very sick monster. But, that Emperor, the reason he was the Emperor, was because

  • of his great wisdom. He saw that terrifying, huge, stinky monster, and understood what

  • to do. He said the wonderful word "welcome".

  • Welcome monster. Thank you for coming. And at that, the monster grew an inch smaller.

  • Less ugly, the maggots stopped throwing up, and his language got better. And the people

  • around realised their mistakes. Instead of saying "get out", and getting angry, they

  • started being kind to the monster. Welcome, you want something to eat? How about

  • a pizza? Monster size. About three or four of them, got on the monster's feet to give

  • him a foot massage. You've had a foot massage? Oh it's so rare getting a foot massage if

  • you're a monster. That monster - "ooh, just over there a bit, ooh that's just right, there."

  • And they gave him cups of tea as well. They said do you want a cup of tea or a cup of

  • coffee. You know we have, we have Dilmar, from Sri Lanka. We have peppermint, it's good

  • for your health. And there were ... you know one lump or two of honey.

  • They were so kind to that monster. And every kind act, word or thought, the monster grew

  • an inch smaller, less ugly, less smelly, less offensive.

  • And soon that monster was back to the size when he first came in. They didn't stop there.

  • They carried on with their kindness so much, that soon that monster was so small, that

  • one more act of kindness, and the monster vanished completely away.

  • And that's how the monster was removed from the Emperor's palace.

  • Not with "get out of here, you don't belong." But "welcome, thank you for coming. What can

  • I do for you." The Buddha told that story, that's a real

  • story, from the Uddana in the Tipitaka. Only I added in a few details like the pizza, that

  • wasn't ... that wasn't .. same for the foot massage, I added that.

  • But, the essence is there. The anger ... and the Buddha said, to the monks, he said we

  • call that an Anger-Eating Demon. And when I first read that I thought "wow".

  • That's a powerful message, anger-eating demon. You give them anger, that's what they eat.

  • That's what they grow with. That's how they become more powerful. That's what makes them

  • bigger, stronger and more negative. They feed off your ill-will. And I've seen that so

  • often, you know with people I've looked at and worked with. You give them the problem

  • - anger, "get out of here, you don't belong."

So if you're sitting comfortably, I will tell you the story.


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アジャーン・ブラームが語る怒りを喰らう悪魔 (The anger eating demon as told by Ajahn Brahm)

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